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4853 Borealis

ID: 4853
Name: Borealis(of the north/north wind)
    Nickname: Borey(usually said multiple times)
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5
Location: Alaska
Breed: Equus Ballator
    Type: Arctic


Height: 15 hands
Build: Brabant Draft, but short
Phenotype: Dusty Grullo Reverse Roan Overo with Capillae Striping
Ee aa nR- DD nO nDy
Rarity: Dusty +1 RR +2 Dun +1 Overo +1 Capillae +1 Horns+ 6
Import Design: 
ID 4853



Discipline: Cart Pulling          

Him and Hudson are glued at the hip, they live a pretty isolated life and Borealis doesn't go a day without spending it helping or hanging out with his owner. While a bit of a scatterbrain Borey will most likely always have Hudson on his mind. However at times his mind will wander too far and Borealis's curious nature will get him in trouble. Even though he is relatively young Borey is a relaxed, laid back ballator and works well with his rather slow, easy going handler.

Even though he’s not one that will judge ones intentions too quickly Borealis is a bit nervous around other Ballators and gets protective of Hudson when they are in his bubble, but once he realizes they are no harm he’ll quickly return to his soft spot personality, but be wary he’s a dreadfully awkward fella.

        Loves eating snow
        Is careful to drop head down slowly otherwise the weight of his hefty horn set makes him face plant
        !!Bunnies are too cute to eat!!

Important Design Element: 
His forelock has a middle part, causing the hair to curl around his horns and give him a really cute hairdo that I feel his key to Borey as a character <3

Breeding information
Price: OPEN
Note: -Cross-breeding with Plains is fine
              -Parent slot to foal is required
              -I'd be happy to design any of his foals for free, just ask!
    username | status | mare | resulting foal
    01. ChiibiNess | usable | 
 4270 Noah | -
    02. littlewillow-art
 | used | 4961 Winnipeg | ID 5335
    03. GalaxysShadoww | used | 
4915 In Tempestate Nivis | ID 5330
    04. tricryptid  | used | 
4245 Fuzzy Peaches | ID 5066
    05. Charlie2045 | pending | - | -
    06. Pandamonium-Rose | used | 
4265 Neve | ID 5223
    07. EclipsisHorreum | usable | 
 4070 Wampa | -
    08. Wolv31000 | used | 
 4760 Marshmallow Fluff | ID 5638
    09. S00ner0rLater | used | 
5460 Sicak ve Bharatli | ID 6141
    10. mine | used | 6264 | Nahanni | 
ID 6324

Unlocked Slots:
        11. Solis-oculus | used | 5004 Ursa | ID 5445
        12. - | - | - | -
        13. - | - | - | -
        14. - | - | - | -



Easter Bunny +1 Stamina per fullbody drawing
Hare +2 Stamina per fullbody drawing

Total: 897 | Elite
Stat Tracker

Designed by Fargonon 
Equus Ballators (c) Fargonon
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© 2017 - 2021 APIJUDE
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S00ner0rLater's avatar
Hello, I'm including Borey in a foal prompt for one of his kids, which will also be a hunt for a snow hare. Would you like a hunt entry included for Borey or opt him out from gaining items from the hunt?
APIJUDE's avatar
aw he can opt out on gaining items, doesn't matter to me c:
ty for asking tho! im excited to see the piece
S00ner0rLater's avatar
Stunning foal out of him! 
ID 6141 by BallatorDesignAdmin
APIJUDE's avatar
Omg she's too CUTE!! 
GalaxysShadoww's avatar
Hey there :3
Just in case dA haven't notified you, Borey and Cynisca's babies are already referenced and accepted on the group! Your parent slots are marked on both ^^ and
APIJUDE's avatar
I did get notified I've just been a bit too busy to really reply, my apologies!
But i absolutely adore the two of them!!! Their parents are proud <3
Solis-oculus's avatar
I'm so wishy washy sorry I'm gonna change my slot ^^ 
5004 Ursa
APIJUDE's avatar
got it changed <3
Solis-oculus's avatar
Thank you so much;-;
GalaxysShadoww's avatar
I've added Borey to my Realmwar entry, hope you like it <3

RW Level 2: Leave him alone! by GalaxysShadoww
APIJUDE's avatar
This is too sweet ;o; you're too kind ty for choosing him it means so much!!! I love the grayscale and Borey appreciates Auroro's help lol
GalaxysShadoww's avatar
I’m glad you like it!! You’ve been so kind to me, so I wanted to do something for you <3
Solis-oculus's avatar
APIJUDE's avatar
oo appy! i love her omg, your good to go!
Charlie2045's avatar
hi! I wanted to ask how much you would be looking for for a slot? I'd be looking to pay in art cause I don't have any points... I would love my first arctic :D
APIJUDE's avatar
Let do something that equals 10 stats? How about a fullbody with a detailed bg and then I'll let you decide what you wanna do with the other 4 stats c: (no literature tho)
Charlie2045's avatar
yes of course!! thanks so much :D i'll try to get it done as soon as possible but just to tell you if I don't finish it this week it's cause I have a super busy week (actually next three weeks but XD) thank you again! I can't wait to draw him :D
APIJUDE's avatar
Hi there, I was just wanting to check in to see if you still wanted Borealis's slot? The payment was suppose to be a fullbody with detailed bg, and 4 other stats which i left up to you to decide except literature. So if you're still interested please let me know! Thanks
tricryptid's avatar
5066 Coracas
Reference submitted! Thank you so much for a slot to your gorgeous boy:happybounce: 
APIJUDE's avatar
Borey's prescious son! <33
thanks for being interested, i'm gonna love see this baby in the group!
GalaxysShadoww's avatar
I've found the perfect lady! 4915 -In Tempestate Nivis (I'm hoping so bad to get a dusty taffy baby Heart
APIJUDE's avatar
Ah those horns :la:
and yas dusty taffy would be so cute omg;;
GalaxysShadoww's avatar
Here's the gorgeous babyyyyy! I am a dummy! 

5330 | foal design | by GalaxysShadoww
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