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The Black Hole

By Aphrodite-NS
My little agent from SWTOR hiding from one of the patrols in the Black Hole area.
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Armcock14's avatar
Unless she knows a specific weak spot, she's going to need a BIGGER

Love it! Great detail and I'm a fellow fan of the Agent...
cool! I set this awesome work as my new SWTOR Loading screen. much better than the new hutt cartel picture. thank you ;)
digital-gunman's avatar
Another great render! Fantastic light management!
Dendory's avatar
Really amazing!
Ged-UK's avatar
Love the droid! Well, I love all of it, but the droid looks properly dangerous
Spydraxis01's avatar
Why is this super cool sci-fi NOT in my group...I Must fix that
TswordZ's avatar
Nice, especially the droid :-)
DarthLupus's avatar
Great work. Indeed, Black Hole area is a very dangerous place, Torvix's droids are tenacious.

Your agent looks great except the hips which seem too much thin. Curvy hips are cutier for a nice girl.
Nakiya's avatar
lol! I love it XD Damn black hole and their thousands of droids...
Nick-Tower's avatar
From the hazard stripes I take it that's the new Stonemason piece?

Nice composition.
JoswanKodaigo's avatar
I swear Aphrodite is a better sales force than....
jdwmurray's avatar
Looks like ED209... I love it.
IscariotArt's avatar
DressyDung's avatar
pretty sweet, love it
Sgt-Predi's avatar
You just may need a bigger blaster...
TimOrgano's avatar
Hot dang. Very nice. Still think mine is sexier, but that is one sexy mirialan!

Very cool image
Argent6978's avatar
Nice work. I like that new mech that DAZ just came out with. I might have to pick it up... when their website starts working again. :P LOL
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