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Reyera Jaylan

By Aphrodite-NS
Player Character from Star Wars The Old Republic
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Great attention to detail. That's how a character study should be done! Nice work.
Bad-Dragon's avatar
Very nice details and textures. I especially like the bar stool.
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Gorgeous image!!
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LiDdleReEee's avatar
I love it. I love your work and the background that you have for so many of your characters.

I play SWTOR myself, and though the server I'm on isn't a RP [though I understand even the RP servers aren't very RP oriented] I always come up with backgrounds and personalities for all of my toons.

So, in conclusion <3
Craig-3D's avatar
Awesome! Great render!!!
raessa's ancestor ? hmm and a very intruging lady herself
Very well done Aph ,everytime i lookat your work realize how much I still am learning about Poser an CGI art in general
TswordZ's avatar
Excellent! Really good image with a nice background. The effect in the coin is great too!
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
Beautiful portrait. And I really love the motion blur on the flipping coin; it's a small detail
but it really adds to it. And maybe it is my tired brain, but it does look as though the coin
is moving! :O Perhaps it's a sign I should get to bed soon...
LeelooKorben's avatar
do mine! sent you a note a while back with details
Chiss assassin >all :p

Very great work i love it :p
dreamdesigner442's avatar
I'd rather prefer to work with this lady than Han Solo of course! :-) magnificent! :-) ...
I may have mentioned this before, but I LOVE your SW/SWTOR stuff.
devduck01's avatar
Ye...but can she make the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs ;)
Very nice
SimonJM's avatar
That's great - love the holographic display
almeidap's avatar
amazing...amazing...can I say it again? AMAZING!
Ethakar's avatar
lovely smuggler, has to be a smuggler with the coin flipping
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