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Just one last render of this one before I move on to other characters.
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...that's a very nice look.
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so... what is the thing she is wearing?

what is that called?

IncyVortex's avatar
Very interesting and cool character :D
jdwmurray's avatar
Like the mini.
Ethakar's avatar
I love her. I did love the game, but not playing it anymore. The races have too similar models. In fact they are all human with very little differences.
(green with tattoos, blue with red eyes, with horns and tattoos, with lekku, red with swollen face, with metal in face, grey with tattoos, blind)
Have a look at Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft, every race has a complete whole own model, what makes those games much more fascinating.
darkhound1's avatar
Great render, her dress is amazing
jay42179's avatar
Your work is outstanding!
FurBabyPhotography's avatar
Aph renders better than Bioware. Go fig.
DreamsUnderStarlight's avatar
I wish TOR characters looked that hot. Seriously, Miralans were my favourite race in TOR next to Miraluka, but... I dunno. Something was lacking.
TimOrgano's avatar
Mm yummy. I do like Mirialans. She looks feisty :D
LeAKyGrAPHics's avatar
I`m not big on green, but for her I`d make an exception. :)
Excellent work.
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