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Published: March 7, 2015
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okay I feel like this one may benefit from a little explaining.

it is human nature to judge other people, for better or worse. what matters is what you judge people for and how responsibly you handle your emotions. this is why it says "judge" rather than "treat." no matter how horrific rape is, we should not say "rapists should have to experience rape for what they've done." there are more productive ways to handle criminals than to reciprocate their crimes on them. Similarly, I have no room in my heart for rape-apologists, but I am not going to condemn them to being raped either.

when I say "others" I am not just restricting this to how you treat other people. it applies to how you treat animals, things and places that are not yours, etc. for example, while I was in France I visited a number of cathedrals and one of them had a particularly ornate display and there were multiple signs asking people to not take photographs. just about every other tourist ignored these signs and snapped away freely, and this sort of thing irritates me. I'm not even religious but this tells me that you have no respect for for the owners of this cathedral who have let you in for free to look around and you broke the rules of their home. it's no different from a museum restricting photography. if you don't like the rules, leave. go make your own rules in your own home.

I will not judge you based on your race, gender, sexuality, fashion sense, nationality, etc. it is your strength of character that I am interested in.
Religion is a tricky one. Most religions are innately meant to be positive, and I support that. Sadly, many of them have believers who have used their religion as an excuse to harm others, and it is when you do this that your actions become unacceptable. it is not a question of religion, but a question of your own morals.
Political beliefs are difficult too because they have become very stereotyped but, at heart, the government is (supposed to be) designed to help people. for example, gun ownership is very controversial. I respect those who can form a solid argument one way or another based on factual evidence and reasonable ideas that may go something like "a self-defence pistol is understandable, but why would anyone need a fully automatic weapon for personal use?" what I don't want to hear is, "the government is taking away our guns so that we can't protect ourselves!" or "banning guns mean no one will die from shootings anymore!" as for police and guns, even though other countries may not equip their police with guns, perhaps the problem lies in police hiring/training/disciplinary practices rather than guns themselves. but how do we solve those problems? there are no easy answers, but at the very least I am asking for some rationality and intelligence.
If you're a "feminist" who treats all men like shit just because they're men I will not like you. If you are a man who "hates feminism/feminists" because you have not looked past the man-haters to understand what feminism really means, I will not like you. If you're a gay/lesbian who believes bisexuality isn't real and mistreats bisexuals because of that, I will not like you. If you are a neo-nazi I will definitely not like you. if you are a brainwashed member of PETA who supports the genocide of all domesticated animals I will not like you. I do my best to use peoples' preferred pronouns, but if I accidentally misgender you and get raged at I will not like you. I will not mindlessly proclaim, "these awful people should go die in a hole!!!1" because then I am bringing myself down to their level. It is more important to spread factual information and knowledge so that people may form their own healthy opinions/decisions than to try and change the minds of the bigoted because it is often impossible.

before I get any more contraversial, I want to remind you that hatred is not the point of this stamp. I encourage everyone to be kind and open-minded. judgement can be positive too!

I'm not saying that you must treat everyone with undying love and compassion, but you should give it where it is due, and I will judge you for the mistreatment of others or supporting the mistreatment of others.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to note me. I am not here to start arguments. These are my opinions; I created this stamp for myself and anyone who may feel similarly.
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