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Halloween is around the corner and inktober is up. Get ready to mess with ink. I don't know how many active inktober peeps are still there.
If you're doing the inktober thing, I would like to see your best ink art for Aphmau's characters in a creative way.
You can submit as many you want, but it has to be in traditional because it's ink.

 Discord Art Server 

If you are in this group and have not joined our Discord Server dedicated to Aphmau, you're welcome to join!
Use this link to join our chat

 Deadline: November 1st, 2018 

:bulletgreen: Make sure that you submit your entries into the Monthly Challenge/Contest folder.
The link is below if you don't know where to put it.
Challenge Link

 September Challenge Winner 

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Congrats to :iconhttp--error:
Yep, this is the most typical high schooler would do. A selfie on a volleyball team. :D
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