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Hello lovely members, your pal star here to inform you that the Aphmau-Gaming discord is now live! Not only that but this chat is available to anyone interested, you do not have to be apart of the group, but we suggest having the common interest of liking (and or loving) Jess and her many different series! If you're interested in this offer, here's what you have to do! Note the group with something along the line of "discord chat" as the title and let us know that you want to join the discord chat! From there we will give you a link to our chatroom!

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For those of you who are a bit unfamiliar with Discord, Discord is a chat  based app that can be placed on any mobile device, computer or browser screen! (Yes you do not have to download the app its self in order to join!) and its FREE. As Discord has said itself, its like the child of TeamSpeak and Skype if they were to have a child, haha. (Not only is this true, it has been proven to be more light weight then Skype! I haven't used skype in literally a year. : ) )

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Use this link to join the chat!

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Shadowhunter6 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2018
GalaxyTheWolf12 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Student General Artist
i love aphmau so much i have been watching her for 5 years already
GalaxxAitana Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017
I've also been watching for about 5 years!
nicoleisfanofaphmau Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I <3 aphmau so much and i think its been almost a year sincei started and ive almost seen all of her vids!
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