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Yeah by HerMajestiesCoding

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Please know that this page is a fan-group, run by her fans, for her fans. If you want to talk to her or congratulate her on something go to her dA profile. Aphmau

Any comments/notes that are directed towards her, or asking about anything related to her will be ignored.
Bullet by HerMajestiesCoding

.:: OUR RULES ::.

► Don't post SPOILER pictures the day of the video, you don't want to ruin it for anyone else!

► No bullying, harassing or straight up just picking on people, this rule should be obvious.

► Be respectful to everyone, this includes all genders, ethnicity, orientation, religion and all that fun jazz. Anything that goes against that will NOT be tolerated. Do not come to this group just to hate on us, hate on Aphmau, Jess, or whatever. Don't ruin everyone else's fun.

► Any stolen art will lead to a permanent ban. If you have suspect of stolen art, report to the group's notes ASAP.

► If you want to use someones drawing as a profile picture ask the artists permission first, and link back to them if they say yes.

► If you have any questions, post it in the comments or note the group!

All art and literature IS REQUIRED to be related to Aphmau. Any that are not will be removed. Repeated attempts to add non-Aphmau related content will be kicked from the group, and banned if necessary.

► You can't post your personal things like updates or journals etc.

► Notes regarding the group please send to the groups notes and not towards the individual admins.

Please post your artworks and literature to the correct folder, thank you.

Gallery Folders [Updated 10/17/18]Hello every lovely being in this group! Here's a handy dandy journal about our galleries so you can easily figure out where you place deviations! We have had trouble in the past with deviations being submitted to the wrong folder, so a couple folders have a submission request placed on them. Here we will also let you know which ones have that submission request, and better explain why! 
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:stop: Exclamation Point Exclamation Point Exclamation Point NOTICE: If your deviation request has expired don't take this as we don't accept it into the group! We're a small admin team, so sometimes things get overlooked and missed, feel free to resubmit it IF your submission has expired! (Please do not send your submission in multiple consecutive times.. its not easy to clean up

Kawaii-chan~ Fan Stamp by 08ArlyJ Aaron Fan Stamp by 08ArlyJ Aphmau Fan Stamp by 08ArlyJ








Welcome to our group!

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This group is dedicated to the youtuber Aphmau.
Please make sure to read the rules and have fun in the group!

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Want to help the group?
Donate points to Aphmau-Gaming-Donate !
We will only use the points on this account for contests
or if we have enough to make this group a super-group!
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And we are not accepting co-founder or contributors requests anymore.
And you don't have to ask to be a member,
member requests are automatically approved.

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made an Aphmau Animatic, let me know what you guys think
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where do the aphmau thumbnails come from
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I found this old doodled lineart of Ash from my inner demons,
Ash by Sis-chan   
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