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Bioshock Infinite - A Pineapple a Day
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Published: April 24, 2013
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Because I went through that whole fucking chocolate shop and not a single piece of chocolate.
I had to double-take on the box of almonds with a pineapple in it.
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Beside the point, but "Electric Pants" would make for a pretty great band name.
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you eat too much junk, eat fruit
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cursedironfist7's avatar
and people throw money in the garbage!
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tron1112's avatar
A hundred and twenty one dollars?!
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"tell me your secrets, electric pants"! awesome!
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jenyamarch's avatar
OH MY GOD perf 
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Kraving4games|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol booker
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And then elizabeth throws it off columbia and into rapture
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hahaha XD yes, I love this
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Only in Columbia do boxes of chocolate give you anything but chocolate.I love Bioshock Infinite's random loot system. 
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"Well My mama always said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."~Forrest Gump
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bearchipsandships123|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So true.......
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ReyRay|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god, pfff it's too true XD
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Malonluvr|Hobbyist Artist
where was this?
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"Tell me your secrets electric pants" This made me laugh so much.
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Amrock|Professional Digital Artist
I think the biggest mystery of Colombia is their pineapple situation. Who's putting them in cash registers? Why is a city floating in the sky so abundant with a tropical fruit? 
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CANIDStheInnovator's avatar
How do you put a whole pineapple in a cash register?
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Why is the most mundane place to find pineapples in Bioshock Infinite the soldier's pants?
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kateboat|Student General Artist
And Booker's just off being Booker. This is awesome. XD
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GothLoliManda|Hobbyist Writer
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Quilava10552|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bioshock, everyone. I opened a drawer and it had a hot dog in it. I searched a dead body and it had cotton candy on it. WHERE THE FUDGE IS THE LOGIC IN THIS GAME?! Oh, wait. There is none.
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Don't forget the... ahem... "toilet potatoes"
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Shinryuu-Uroborus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
//broken sobbing
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