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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 5:47 PM

First of all, thank you for your ongoing support!  I feel guilty that I haven't had much time to respond to many of the comments and notes I've received.  I've been meaning to put together a "frequently asked questions" page for some time now.  I hope it helps!

  1. What type of yarn and hooks do you use?

    I usually use worsted weight (medium weight 4) acrylic yarn and a size F hook (3.75mm) for most of my works.  Occasionally, I will use a size E (3.50mm) to make smaller pieces as needed.

  2. What yarn brands do you use?

    I started off using mostly "Red Heart Supersaver" yarn since it was inexpensive.  I've expanded into other brands for a greater range of colors including: "I Love This Yarn", "Lion Brand", "Impeccable", "Vanna's Choice", and a few others.  Basically, I will use any brand of worsted weight yarn if it comes in the color I want.  I am easy to please :meow:

  3. Do you sell your patterns?

    I do not sell my patterns since I usually make copyrighted characters.  I do have a few patterns posted for free here:….  However, I do not have patterns for all of my works.  Most of the stuff I make comes from my head as I work, with the help of reference photos.  I have no idea what I'm doing a lot of the time, believe it or not.

  4. How do you make the eyes on your works?

    I used cut-out felt for my earlier works and sewed the pieces to the surface.  Nowadays, I needle felt directly onto the surface of my works after assembling it.  I have a simple, brief tutorial here:  Needle Felted Eyes: A basic picture tutorial by aphid777

  5. What materials do you use for needle felting?

    I use a special needle felting needle to make eyes.  These needles have notches that catch the wool fibers and condense it together as you stab.  I like using coarse needles because from my personal experience, the material sticks better to the crocheted surface.  Most of the time, I use wool roving for eyes and details.  Occasionally, I will brush out some yarn if I don't have the color I need and use it as my "wool".  I prefer wool over brushed out yarn because it layers on more smoothly, in my opinion.

  6. What do your abbreviations stand for?

    Ch: chain stitch
    Sc: single crochet
    Hdc: half double crochet
    Dc: double crochet
    Inc: single crochet increase
    Dec: single crochet decrease
    Sl st: slip stitch
    FO: fasten off

  7. Do you have any tutorials?

    I do not have any tutorials.  However, there are tons of resources on YouTube and online that teach the basics of crochet.  If you are a beginner and are interested in learning how to make 3-D stuff, I would recommend looking up these basic stitches:  chain stitch, single crochet stitch, single crochet increase, single crochet decrease, magic ring.

  8. Do you sell your work?

    Crocheting is just a hobby and a stress-reliever and I mostly make things based off of copyrighted characters, so I wouldn't feel right making a profit off of them.  Sorry!

  9. Can I sell things made from your patterns?

    I would prefer that you didn't sell stuff made from my patterns since I am posting them for free as a learning tool.  Thank you in advance!
I'll continue to update this periodically as needed!

I am so sorry for the delay!  I've been having a rough past couple of weeks.  

I enjoyed seeing all the entries and the effort put forth!  Anyway, you guys really made this tough on me, but I decided on two entries that really impressed me!  :dummy: Both of these winners can each pick a cute-ified mythical creature they would like me to create for them.  Thank you to all the participants and for all the support!


:iconimprobablesage:  Siren by improbablesage

I thought the ideas behind and execution of the legend of the siren were clever and so unique!  The story was well-written and kept me enthralled the entire time :)  Be sure to check it out!


Secretary Bird/Cheetah Gryphon by Pickleweasel360

This entry was beautifully executed with a creative twist to the classic gryphon.  I had never heard of a secretary bird before until now, but I must say that they are impressive looking birds!  Combine that with a cheetah for something legendary :la:

Thank you, again, for all the entries!  I will definitely have to host more contests again in the future, so fear not if you didn't get a chance to participate this time!

Check out the other wonderful entries as well!

:iconaplittle78:  Say Hydra to my little friend by aplittle78                            :iconferngirl:  Centaur by Ferngirl

:iconcalicco:  Chibi Enfield by Calicco                             :iconhaida96:  Rose fairy by Haida96

:iconrosy009:  The Aquarium's Prize by Rosy009                            :iconhollowtemptation:  Valefor Aeon from Final Fantasy X by hollowtemptation

:iconperilousbard:  Tiny Plush Smaug by PerilousBard                            :icondeannarae:  Swamp Magic by DeannaRae

:icondanjaphotos:  Leo The Unigon/Dragcorn by DanjaPhotos                            :iconvivacia18:  Serena by Vivacia18                    

:iconartreall:  birds of luck peace and renewal by artReall                            :iconwhiteorchid14:  Volvagia Digital Painting by WhiteOrchid14                          

:iconjudithchen:  Clover the baby mammoth by judithchen                            :iconluckylily3496:  Nocturna: The Dark Celestial by LuckyLily3496 

:iconshrimprapidash123:  Pegasus: Fly Away! by ShrimpRapidash123                          :iconarinadream:  Cernunnos by arinadream                            

Mother Phoenix by craftfan23                            :iconskullkid1993:  Mandrake/Mandragora watercolor by skullkid1993                            

Desdentado by Luchusus                      :iconjhonie:  Two little Abras by Jhonie

Watchers' Contest Time!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 14, 2015, 4:27 PM

Sorry for the delay, guys!  I will have a winner announced by next Sunday!  I've been swamped with schoolwork and exams among other things, and I want to make sure I judge all the entries carefully and fairly.  I'm also still deciding on the number of winners!  You guys really made this decision tough on me!  Thanks for your patience!


A lot of great entries so far!  Less than 24 hours to submit yours!  I'm accepting entries until the end of Sunday, 3/15/2015!


3/1/2015 EDIT:
It is now the 1st of March!  15 more days for contest entries!  Get 'em in! :)


2/18/2015 EDIT:
Just a reminder, a little less than a month left to go!  A couple of entries have been submitted already! :la:


Alright guys!  Votes are in.. the contest theme will be.. *drumroll*.. Mythical Creatures! :dummy:

Deadline for this contest will be March 15th.  This will give you about 2 months to submit your entry!  I am flexible to moving this deadline if enough people would like it changed!

  1. You must be a watcher!  This contest is my "thank you" to all the people who have shown support during my time here :)
  2. You must have an address I can send your prize to, should you win!
  3. Any art medium will be accepted.
  4. You can be as creative as you want with this theme.  It is up to your interpretation!  Mentioning where your inspiration comes from, the story behind your work, etc. will up your chances!
  5. Fan-art or art inspired by a fandom will be accepted if it is related to the theme.
  6. If you use a pattern, stock, etc. please give proper credit!
  7. Entries must be made for this contest (anything made before this journal posting will not be accepted).
  8. Multiple winners may be chosen depending on the number of entries!
  9. Submit by commenting with a link to your deviation in this journal.  Be sure to indicate in your deviation description that you are entering in this contest!
  10. Only one entry per person will be accepted, so be sure to submit your best work!
  11. Entries will be judged based on creativity, quality of work, and presentation!

I may choose multiple winners or there may be second, third, etc. places chosen if there are enough entries!  First prize will be a crocheted chibi/baby/derpy mythical creature.  I will allow the winner to give me some input on what kind of creature, special details to include, pose, etc.  Other places (second, third, etc.) will get surprise prizes from me!

Also, it will take me some time to design and create prizes after winners are chosen, but fear not, because your patience will pay off! :la:

All submissions will be featured in a journal at the end of the contest!

Good luck everyone!  I'll update this journal periodically with submissions and any details I may have forgotten!



:iconaplittle78:  Say Hydra to my little friend by aplittle78                            :iconferngirl:  Centaur by Ferngirl

:iconcalicco:  Chibi Enfield by Calicco                             :iconhaida96:  Rose fairy by Haida96

:iconrosy009:  The Aquarium's Prize by Rosy009                            :iconhollowtemptation:  Valefor Aeon from Final Fantasy X by hollowtemptation

:iconperilousbard:  Tiny Plush Smaug by PerilousBard                            :icondeannarae:  Swamp Magic by DeannaRae

:icondanjaphotos:  Leo The Unigon/Dragcorn by DanjaPhotos                            :iconvivacia18:  Serena by Vivacia18                   

:iconartreall:  birds of luck peace and renewal by artReall                            :iconwhiteorchid14:  Volvagia Digital Painting by WhiteOrchid14                         

:iconjudithchen:  Clover the baby mammoth by judithchen                            :iconluckylily3496:  Nocturna: The Dark Celestial by LuckyLily3496 

:iconimprobablesage:  Siren by improbablesage                            :iconshrimprapidash123:  Pegasus: Fly Away! by ShrimpRapidash123                         

:iconarinadream:  Cernunnos by arinadream                            :iconcraftfan23:  Mother Phoenix by craftfan23                            

:iconskullkid1993:  Mandrake/Mandragora watercolor by skullkid1993                            :iconluchusus:  Desdentado by Luchusus         

:iconjhonie:  Two little Abras by Jhonie                            :iconpickleweasel360:  Secretary Bird/Cheetah Gryphon by Pickleweasel360

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Seasons Greetings!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 5:06 PM

Hello all my lovely supporters!  It's been a while since my last journal update.  I just wanted to thank everyone for all the comments, faves, and watches during the time I've been here.  I know I've been a little (or a lot) slow at responding to messages and comments, but I do read everything and it always brightens up my day!  I have also looked at all the creations I have been tagged in, and I am overwhelmed by how many people tried out and successfully executed the patterns I've posted!  I am so proud of all the great work I'm seeing, and I can't express how much I appreciate that you've shared them with me :)

And because it is the season of giving, I am considering hosting a giveaway or perhaps to make it more interesting, a contest for my watchers as a thank you for the support!  I've never done anything like this before sooooo... suggestions are welcome!  Let me know what you think! :la:

And happy Friday in my part of the world! :dummy:

Cast your vote on a contest theme here!…

  • Listening to: Christmas music ♥

I may not be finishing anything new for some time, so I figured I'd update you guys on what's going on in my yarn world and real life. :)  I also enjoyed reading where all of you are from in my recent poll!  I didn't realize I was in touch with so many aliens! =P

I decided to start a new project, despite all the unfinished stuff laying around.  I'm currently working on Deku Link!  It was meant to be a relatively quick project, but I of course started making him larger than I was planning to ^^;  And, after looking at all these photos online, there are so many details that I guess I had never noticed before I seriously decided to make him!  He may turn out proportional or slightly large compared to Skull Kid, but we shall see!  Cross your fingers for the former!  I am also almost done with an orange tiger in the same style as the white one.. it's just a matter of assembling.

End of crochet update so you may stop reading if you'd like :XD:

I'm currently fretting a little over taking my part I boards for school since my brain pretty much dumped 80% of what I've learned the past 2 years.  I have a little over a month to study, and on top of that, I'm trying not to seem completely clueless in clinic ^^;  I'm actually starting to enjoy meeting new people and improving my communication skills since I've always felt weak in that aspect.  I did run into a difficult patient the other day because of language barriers and probably age difference.  I won't go into too much detail with that.. she basically would not believe the explanation and treatment I proposed for her (a very quick, conservative, zero-cost procedure), even with my professor's support.  It was a good learning experience in dealing with patients, I suppose. :shrug:

Anyway, I am exhausted :faint:  Back to work!
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So due to popular demand, I went back and wrote out the pattern for Espeon.  Body base is pretty much exactly the same as Eevee's, but I went ahead and wrote out instructions on how to do the ears, extra ear pieces, and tail.  Mightttt be a little confusing.. but I tried my best ^^;

Baby Espeon (with pattern) by aphid777

I'm currently working on.. all the other ones at the same time ^^;  Dismembered Eevee evolutions everywhere!!  :nuu:  I wasn't going to make Sylveon, Leafeon, or Glaceon, since I had never even heard of them until maybe a year ago.. but I think I will.. for completion purposes.  It will bother me forever if I don't have all of them.. whether I like how they look or not *COUGH SYLVEON COUGH*  Sue me, I'm a hater.

Also don't think I'm going to finish my "Dreams" contest entry in time :(  Still so much fur to add.. but just touching that brush kills me (though strangely enough, crocheting doesn't bother me).  Ah well.. I'll finish him eventually :dance:

Back to crocheting like a mad-woman :D

If you would like to make a donation to fuel my yarn addiction and for the free patterns, I would be ever-so grateful! :dummy:

Name of Image
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I like to think that I'm a pretty tolerant person.. and I hoped that I would never have to post something like this..

As many of you know, I post up a few free patterns.  I do this because back when I was starting out, many people were generous enough to do the same for me.  The only two things I've requested though, was for people to credit me and for them to not sell the finished product.  I'm very picky about shaping so it takes me hours and hours to figure out the exact shape and proportions that I want.  I have taken things apart and re-made pieces countless times to get it as close to perfect as I possibly can.  And to top that off, I absolutely hate typing up patterns.  It's extremely tedious when I can easily decipher the numbers I have, the way they are.  I remember that I love you guys though, so I suck it up and type it up.

So when someone tells me, that "legally", they can sell things made from my patterns if they want, it's like a punch to the stomach.  Yes, I know I can't stop you from selling things made from my patterns and yes, I know that legally you can.  However, I gain nothing from posting patterns.  I am relying solely on people's honesty to respect the two little things I've requested.

It's a little discouraging to have to deal with these kind of people, but I know that the majority of you are not like that.  Know that I appreciate that you appreciate the patterns I have posted.  It always puts a smile on my face when I get to see photos of what has been made from my patterns :)  So onward we go!  Let us continue to populate the world with yarn creations! :la:
My third DD!!  Faint and Recovery - Emoticon 

Thanks so much to the oh-so-talented :iconcakecrumbs: for the feature!  You just made my week even better!! :la:

Also, a very warm welcome to my new watchers!  I wasn't expecting such a big response to Squirtle and now Bulbasaur!  The funny thing is.. just last night, my boyfriend was telling me alllll about how Squirtle and Charmander were so much better (Edit: according to the Internet; he is not a NOOB ;)).. because their evolutions were better.. etc. etc. (I saw this when I woke up this morning:  So sad!

Since I'm posting a journal anyway.... update!

Pikachu is nearly done!  I'm currently working on the eyes and body stripes.  I'm super pleased with how he's turning out.  He might end up being my favorite of the 4!  The only problem is....... I may not have instructions for his tail Crying   I started breaking all the rules again to get the shape I wanted.. crocheting on edges.. adding rows.. fastening off.. re-attaching yarn.. you name it.  I tried to take WIP photos, but I don't know how helpful those will be.  Hopefully I can figure something out!

Wish you all a great rest of the week!!
I swear I'm getting sick and on top of that, I get to start summer school tomorrow.. yay.. -_-  You guys totally made my day a little better :)

Thank you to :icondemiveemon: and :iconvalhallia: for suggesting and also a special thanks to :iconmcalhen: for all the support and for also suggesting :hug:

Thank you also to the amazing Artisan Crafts CV, :icontalty: for featuring! :squee:

My small Haku pattern is up and running!  Happy crocheting!

Pattern is posted in the description here:

Small-ish Haku by aphid777

If you would like to make a donation to fuel my yarn addiction and for the free patterns, I would be ever-so grateful! :dummy:

Name of Image
A lot of fellow amigurumi artists have been posting up lists of what they plan to make.  A great idea, in my opinion, since every time I finish a large project that I've been working on for a while, I'm always at a loss for what to make next.  Though naturally, WHILE I'm working on said project, the list of things I'd like to make gets longer, yet I forget it all soon after.  This rough list shall be a personal reminder but also give you guys an idea of what kind of things to expect in the future hopefully.  By no means is it set in stone since I only work on things if I feel like it >_> and I'll add to the list if more ideas happen to sprout in my mind.  I will probably also work on smaller things in between larger projects.

(In no particular order-just noting down as I remember)

1. Young Link
2. Sheik (my character of choice in Super Smash Bros and possibly my favorite character in the LoZ game series)
3. Characters from "Up" (Russel, Mr. Frederickson, Doug, to name a few)
4. Zelda (not sure which one yet)
5. Goron (Darunian)
6. Adult Link (probably from OoT)
7. Epona (because Link needs his trustworthy horse)
8. Characters and creatures from Avatar/Legend of Korra
9. Midna (imp form-NO IDEA HOW TO DO HER HELMET YET T_T)
10. Wolf Link
11. Kratos, the one and only god-slayer
12. Sally, Zero, and Oogie-Boogie from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
13. Mythical creatures, I'm thinking at least a dragon?
14. Something with feathered wings because wings are incredibly fascinating..
15. How can I forget Ganondorf, king of evil.. and Demise, precursor to the king of evil @_@
16. Anatomically-correct teeth, yes, human teeth blown up to plushie size with all the contours of real teeth :D
17. Nermal from the Garfield comics
18. Batman
19. Some kind of wild cat
20. Wolverine
21.Princess Mononoke
22. :iconregineskrydon:'s red dragon

Ignoring the fact that I seem to be on a LoZ craze and that there are more characters that I've probably forgotten to list, I'm sure this list will keep me busy for several years.  More things shall be tacked on as time progresses and hopefully crossed off as well. ^^
If the title was somehow unclear....... this is a feature of the winners of :iconnationalyarnographic:'s February contest! They are all very talented so give a browse through their galleries! :D

First place entry by :iconyarnhoardingdragon:

Brown Antechinus by YarnHoardingDragon

A few other works in her gallery:
Snow Golem yo~ by YarnHoardingDragon Vaporeon #134 by YarnHoardingDragon Miltank, finished product by YarnHoardingDragon

Second place entry by :iconyunisunis:

A Hippo's Mating Ritual by YunisUnis

Other works by this artist:

Octagons and Squares Throw by YunisUnis May the force be with you! by YunisUnis Mariana and Lucy by YunisUnis

Third place entry by :iconsaekoi:

White Alpaca by Saekoi

Gallery preview:

Chii (Elda) Doll by Saekoi Portal Turret Afghan by Saekoi Eddy Doll: Pikachu Cosplay by Saekoi

Last but not least, though she didn't place (there were only 4 entries anyway so I'm just going to include her in this feature):

Entry by :iconlovebiser:

Be my valentine! by lovebiser

A few works in her gallery:

Cute Little Horse by lovebiser Felted cake by lovebiser Bell dolls by lovebiser

Please give their galleries some love :) And if you enjoy learning about animals, want to see them in yarn form, and/or would like to win cool stuff, check out the group! :)
I watched a video last night by Shane Koyczan on bullying thanks to deviantArt's share on Facebook.  Maybe some of you have seen it since it's been going around these past 2 days or so.  I'm probably being repetitive.. but I thought it was an incredibly powerful message.  I was bullied as a kid so I was really touched by the message and I actually ended up watching it a couple of times.  I promise that the 7 minutes are worth it!…

Anyway, time to spend the rest of my half-snow day studying for midterms :/
My moose pattern has been posted in the description here:

Crocheted Moose Number 2 by aphid777

Happy crocheting! :)

If you would like to make a donation to fuel my yarn addiction and for the free patterns, I would be ever-so grateful! :dummy:

Name of Image
Totoro pattern has been posted up in the description here:

Mini Totoro by aphid777

Let me know if I've made any mistakes.  Happy crocheting!

If you would like to make a donation to fuel my yarn addiction and for the free patterns, I would be ever-so grateful! :dummy:

Name of Image

Many of you requested patterns for my work! Unfortunately I don't have patterns for all of them, but I DO have a pattern for Pooky! I have posted up the pattern in the description here:
Family Photo :) by aphid777

Again, I ask that you do not sell this pattern or the finished product (since I do not own this character). Also, please give credit to me for the pattern I have provided if you decide to use it in any way since it takes me a lot of time and effort to get a work to where I want it to be. I will remove the pattern should any incidents occur! Enough of my rambling.. happy crocheting!

If you would like to make a donation to fuel my yarn addiction and for the free patterns, I would be ever-so grateful! :dummy:

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Tagged by :iconbrookette: and :iconcraftyhanako:


1. You must post the rules!
2. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves in their journal!
3. Then answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and think of 11 new questions for the new people to answer!
4. Tag 11 new people and post their icons in your journal!
5. Go to their page and tell them you've tagged them!
6. No tag backs!

11 Facts About Myself:

1. Back in the day, my mom used to give my younger brother and I the job of killing aphids on her orchid plants by swabbing them with q-tips dipped in alcohol. My brilliant but jerk brother decided to nickname me "aphid", hence username. And I just happen to like the number "7".
2. I don't kill things (anymore). Yes, terrible follow up to #1..
3. I LOVE cats. I think they are the most stuck up, bipolar, useless creatures to exist.. but they are so adorable. Cannot resist them..
4. I will be starting dental school soon! Yays.
5. I still watch cartoons. I'm only 23, don't judge.
6. I absolutely hate bananas.. and spiders.. I have a mini heart attack every time I cross paths with those things.. (spiders. not bananas)
7. My favorite color is purple.
8. I play/played violin and piano. Oh, you typical asian you..
9. Can't stand horror films.. ever since I was scarred watching "Chuckie" at age 7.. :'(
10. I used to love math. Until I got pwned by everything past calculus in undergrad.. somehow managed to complete my major in math anyway thanks to my brilliant little brother.. sad..
11. Batman is the greatest superhero of all time. End of discussion. Okay, Link is too. NOW end of discussion.

Questions from :iconbrookette::

1. What is your favorite style of art?
Hard to say.. I like so many..

2. Who is your favorite artist?
Also a difficult choice.. Van Gogh is definitely up there though.

3. Who is your favorite deviant artist right now?
Again, too many!

4. How many kids are in your family?
Four including myself.

5. Have you ever been to church?
A few times.. For weddings, funerals, and just because with friends.

6. What is your favorite non-Disney animated film?
If Pixar doesn't count as Disney, it has to be "Up". If it does, I'd say "How to Train a Dragon". That Toothless is distantly related to cats I tell you. Well, with the loyal and obedient characteristics of a dog.

7. What's the bravest thing you've ever done?
Not sure, I'm kind of wimpy.

8. What one thing do you collect most?
At this point in life.. yarn >_> okay, maybe stuffed animals too..

9. What's the most expensive thing you've ever purchased?
I'm a spoiled child. My parents purchase things for me. :D

10. What was the last movie you watched that made you cry?
I have been called a robot -.- but movies usually don't make me cry.. however sad.. but I did shed one tear during "Bridge to Terabithia" (I hope I spelled that right..). See, not robot.

11. Is there something new you've always wanted to learn to do?
Oh so many things.. playing harp, painting, cake decorating, sculpting.. just to name a few..

Questions from :iconcraftyhanako::

1. How did you get into the art/craft you do the most of?
I saw a crochet book at Barnes & Nobles but didn't have time to learn until I got a year off from school.

2. What influences your art work the most?
Stuff I like and suggestions from friends and family.

3. What are you most afraid of?

4. What are your other hobbies besides anything arts and crafts related?
Tennis, reading, cooking, piano, videogames

5. What is one your favorite quotes from a movie?
I can't seem to think of one right now..

6. What is your favorite song at the moment?
So many to choose from.. but.. Jack Johnson's "Better Together" is my favorite song of all time.

7. What is something you'd like to accomplish in life?
I don't think I've thought that far yet.. For now, I'd like to survive dental school. Please.

8. What do you do to help you relax?
Crochet. Listen to music. Eat. >_>

9. What is your favorite animal?

10. What is something you could always eat and never get tired of?
Ice cream

11. What is something you've done that you're most proud of?
I learned how to crochet!

Questions for people I tag:

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
2. What is your favorite season of the year?
3. Any pet peeves?
4. Favorite book?
5. If you could choose one thing to master, what would it be?
6. Favorite cartoon character?
7. What would you do if you won the lottery?
8. Favorite Disney song?
9. Preferred type of art medium?
10. What are your hobbies?
11. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Lucky (or unlucky) souls:

:iconamytsu: :iconshearviscosity: :iconsombra33: :iconmiahandcrafter:
:iconimmortaldesigns: :iconjeffrettalyn: :iconnickmears: :iconmangoest:
:iconmcalhen: :iconmidnight--comet: :icontaikxo: