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Just a little something I'm working on right now.  If you guys know what it is, then success thus far :D  I've still got several details to add, but it's exam crunch time >_<

Finished work: Baby Bulbasaur (with pattern) by aphid777
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Call me dumb, lol, but how do you get the patterns? Want to make for twin grandchildren's birthday party for thank you's.

Thank you .
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HOw do you do the eyes? Do you have a step by step instruction for them?
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How do you get the eyes like that?!
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They are needle felted on :)
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Do you use regular sheet felt or wool like you would normally use for needle felted stuff? I've never seen eyes look so cool, so I'm super curious!
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I used to use a combination of sheet felt (for the whites of the eyes) and wool, but now I'm moving more towards using all wool.  You should give it a shot!  It takes a little practice but I really like the result :)
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I might have to do that! Thanks for the tip!
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No prob!  Oh, I would also suggest buying coarse needles.  I've found that they work better on crocheted stuff at least..
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This is absolutely adorable!
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Thank you so much!! :)
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I am super excited to see the final product.  So far it looks amazing.
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Thanks!!  And it's up! :)
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He looks awesome love:D Can't wait to see the finished product:)
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AGH. I saw this and said to myself, "Oh, what a cute little bulbasaur! WOW, those needle-felted eyes look AMAZING; I better rant to this person about how amazing they are and complain about how awful I find needle-felting," but then I saw it was you. ;) And I think you already have heard this exclamation of love for your needle-felting skills before.


I think I chucked that thing into an abyss in my room. My needle felting pen-thing.


But anyway, he is so cute and those eyes look really perfect for that face. I love him already.

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Don't give up!! :nuu:  I tried it way back then and dropped it for a while until I saw all the amazing needle felted works from different artists with all kinds of crazy color combinations so I knew it wasn't impossible to do!  You will get it :)  Just keep layering on the wool and it eventually starts looking smoother and nicer.  It really is so rewarding once you get the hang of it!
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I'll give it another go someday. Maybe once summer comes back around and I have a little more personal time. it intrigues me so much, I don't think I will be able to give up on it for too long. ;) 
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I'm very glad to hear that! :dance:
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woah awesome eyes! 
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Bulba looks so cute! I hope you'll finish it. :D
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Thank you!!  I definitely will! :)
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