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Needle Felted Eyes: A basic picture tutorial

Because so many people have asked me how I make eyes, I figured I'd post a simple, picture tutorial.  First off, I needle felt directly onto the crocheted surface.  I've never tried needle felting eyes separately and sewing them on, so if anyone has, I'd love to hear how it worked!  Anyway, these pictures are in order from left to right, top to bottom.


1.  Supplies you will need: Wool roving-depending on what color eyes I'm making, I use a bunch of different shades of that color in order to get an effective color gradient.  I also choose a base color, in this case, black, and white will be used for the eye reflection.  You'll of course also need your handy-dandy needle felting needle!

2-3.  I first start with a small amount of the base color.  You don't need much.  You are simply going to make a basic outline/shape for the eyes.  Don't worry about show-through at this point.

4.  Once you like how the eyes are shaped and positioned, add more of the base color until there is no more show-through.

5.  You're now ready to add the iris colors!  I start off with the darkest color first and add it where needed.

6.  I then add a smaller amount of the next darkest shade within the confines of the darkest shade so that you can still see the darker edges and base color.

7.  The lightest shade is then added just to highlight the colors that are already there.  Lastly, add the reflective whites.

And there you have it, needle felted eyes! :)
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I am SO excited! Thank you for this, and all of your tutorials. I am working on your baby pikachu right now, and I picked up what I needed to try out needle felting for the first time—I decided I simply cannot make Pokémon unless I can learn to make their eyes amazing—like yours. I am excited that your designs are giving this ol’ mom/gramma an opportunity to connect with my adult kids, as well as my grandkids and our newly adopted little ones too. Everyone is obsessed with Poké at least in this I can learn to appreciate what they love so much, and maybe they will appreciate my efforts for them too! So thank you, a million times over!

advice on felting on flat (unstuffed parts)? Such as your sylveon ears. When i felt on the flat parts i always have little bits poking out of the other side
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this looks so cute, it's adorable 
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I must be doing something right!  I've broken 4 needles in 6 weeks. LOL
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This looks pretty amazing - I'd love to give it a try! You wouldn't happen to know if this works on knitted plushies, too, would you?
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Thank you!  I don't see why not! :)
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Just meant to tell you: Works like a charm^^ I need a little work with the whole thing, cause
my C'thul'hu looks more sad than creepy, but the eyes turned out wonderful! Thanks for a
great tutorial!
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Ok, and how to combine it all into one, then you join a mascot? Glue? Sewing?

Need to try...
Thanks so much for this tutorial!  Your eyes (and all of your creations, really) are truly amazing and inspiring.  I haven't yet tried this out, so this may not be an issue, but it looks like you needle felt on the finished and stuffed amigurumi, and I was wondering if the yarn color underneath the wool or even some fibers of stuffing come out when you are stabbing?  How do you control this?  Or do you use a different kind of stuff?  Thanks again for posting patterns to some of your beautiful work!
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Yay! Thank you so much for making this . 
You helped me so much with this tutorial ! I'm always wondering how to do good eyes ! Thanks ! <3
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you should do youtube tutorials! you can make money through views and subscribers. 
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Okay I am sorry, it probably sounds very stupid, but I never did anything like this before and it doesn't say how it stays on? Do you glue it or stitch it on the surface? Seems to be magic for me right now, hahahah. :D
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There are notches on the needle that condense the wool fibers and incorporate it into the surface :)
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Aahh, I see! (So it IS like magic ;D )

Thank you very much for the answer :heart:
Thank you so much for this! All of your patterns are fantastic and easy to follow, and I'm so grateful to you for sharing them! I'm currently making Evee and the first five evolutions for a cousin's new baby, and having a great time making them :) Thanks again!
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I'm glad my patterns are working out for you!  I'd love to see the when you're all done! :la:
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I didn't realize just how simple it'd be. Or at least, it seems like it. XD; Haha I haven't tried needle felting before, but I am curious about it. The tutorial is very simple to follow. :aww: Thanks for sharing this information with the world! :aww:
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Do you need to use roving, or can you use the same yarn you're crocheting with?
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I apologize for such a late response!  You can use yarn as well!  In my experience, it doesn't layer on quite as nicely as wool, but it works when you need the right color match!
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Right now I have to needle felt the eyes on to my amigurumi Squirtle ( and Charmander ( having used your crochet patterns.

Thanks for this tutorial - If I get anywhere near as good as yours I'll be happy.
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This is really helpful. Long ago I made a YouTube tutorial about needle felting just after I learned nedle felting to crochet your patterns. The results are so awesome...
I leave here the tutorial just in case someone is interested.…
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Thank you very much for sharing! :)
Thanks for putting this up! Super helpful!
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