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Derpy lion for a friend graduating from pharmacy school :dummy:  He's into lion dancing so I decided to make him.. a lion!  Not really the right kind of lion.. but whatever!

I used my "Derpy Pooh" pattern, just modified it by adding a tail and mane.  Pooh pattern can be found here: Derpy Pooh Bear by aphid777


Also, sorry for being slow at responding to comments and messages.  I just started clinic this summer so I've been a little extra stressed.  Still been crocheting (mostly simpler things) to give myself a break, but hopefully I'll get back on here more once I've adjusted to clinic life ^^;

Kitty not amused by aphid777
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May 17, 2014, 6:51:01 PM
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Hey ! I love your crochet items! they are amazing <3 I just wanted to ask when you attach the yarn and brush it out (assuming thats what you did here im not sure lol) how to you attach it? do you pull a strand through and knot it? or do you pull both strands through and into the loop if that makes any sense at all lol bit hard to explain.  As when I brush my yarn out theres always a knot showing at the bottom and its quite annoying, just not sure if ive attached it correctly :) many thanks.  xx