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Mimikyu Collage

Some more pics of Mimikyu, as promised! :meow:  Tried to give him a floppy head :XD:

No pattern for this one!  The ears just got too complex.. :faint:  Details are needle felted.  Thanks for looking!

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Aug 7, 2016, 2:13:16 PM
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I want the pattern for this so bad!

This is like... Goals.

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Hi! I love it! Can you tell me where I can buy the pattern please? Thanksssss
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This is adorable, I wish I could make that TT ^ TT
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Oh my WORD is this not freaking ADORABLE!
He is just so amazing ! great work ! do you sell the pattern ?
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Did you do the same head style as most of the others or no? If not, I was wondering if you could put up a pattern without the ears or with an easier substitute, because this Mimikyu is AMAZING and by far the best crochet one I've found. I would go INSANE if you were to put up a pattern. 

Thanks anyway for all you do as I can always count on you for a free, easy, and amazing looking pattern!

Also I was wondering if you would check out my pattern. I would love for your opinion as it would mean the WORLD for me.

Thanks again!

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Mimi-CUTE!!! Alolan Diglett Morelull Wishiwashi - Solo Form Grubbin Pikipek Fomantis Pyukumuku Stay in the bag, Nebby! Emote When Nebby plays Pokemon Necrozma Lunala(?!) Lunala Icon #792 Lunala Shiny Lunala Icon Lunala Icon 
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U can also check my account for some pokemon amigurumi uh I mean coz we have the same interest!
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How can i give you money for one
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This is so well made! I bet it took a while.
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How about a pattern for everything else except the ears? :'D I have a very mighty need for something creepy and cute and huggable. 8[
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want this so much... it is amazing
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I wish it was possible to buy one q.q
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Just a question... how do you get your felted details to look so clean? Mine are always kind of fuzzy... Any tips?
The cuteness! My one weakness! I really love the "stitching", it gives the little guy a much more crafty feel.
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HOW MUCH!?!? OMG It's a Ghost/Fairy Type Trainers DREAM! You Have Exceptional Needle Skills! I so would love to buy one please please tell me T_T
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Must have......must hug....must love...
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this is so adorable!!! >///< 
The ears are very awesome 😮
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I swear to god if they don't sell Mimikyu dolls when Sun and Moon come out, i'm gonna be so pissed.
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