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Four Musketeers

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My babies are finally done!!!!!!!!!  Now I can move on with my life =P  I couldn't wait to share group photos even though Pikachu's selfies aren't up yet.  I still haven't figured out the tail so I might end up having to just suggest alternative methods or leave it up to you guys to come up with your own :(  Really sorry about that!

And for those of you who aren't Pokemon fans, there will be a break in the Pokemon spam (after Pikachu) for a while.  Look forward to new goodies! :D

I'm also entering this into :iconaltearithe:'s current contest: Pokemon!  I'm not expecting to win since there are so many other great entries :la:  But it's fun getting the chance to participate in something every once in a while :D  Details and other entries can be found in her journal here: fav.me/d6u1a8e

Patterns in the descriptions here:
Baby Squirtle (with pattern) by aphid777 Baby Charmander (with pattern) by aphid777 Baby Bulbasaur (with pattern) by aphid777 Baby Pikachu (with pattern) by aphid777 Baby Eevee (with pattern) by aphid777

Pokemon by others!
:iconvegas-asian: instagram.com/p/lgtE9lyTOB/
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+fav  Outstanding talent!  Such cuteness! 
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PLEASE can you post a pattern for your Meowth? He is so lovely and I kind of think of him as one of the main original Pokemon along with the other four. I am making them for my teacher friend who is going to come up with a game for her pupils so they can 'hunt' them around the school! :)
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These are fantastic!  You mentioned you had patterns for these -- where are they located???  I'd love to try it out!
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Edit:  Found them!
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Do you have a tutorial or a movie how you make the eyes ? I really love them but I do not know how to make them.
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Where did ou get this pattern from! I love it!
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Oh EM GEE so kawaii
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I found them on ravelry some time ago and was just amazed by how you did the eyes. I really should learn to needle-felt :D

They are so adorable!
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Thank you!  You definitely should learn!  It's very useful :)
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Ok so, im a guy, and because I saw this, I broke all laws of manliness, learned to crochet, bought fabric and yarn, and am making these now, along with the eevee-lutions... Lol. You say that you got pikachus face wrong, but I like it more than it should be... Great job!
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Giggle Good for you!  I agree with aphid777... nothing wrong with guys crocheting OR knitting.  Have fun.  I also think that aphid777 does fantastic work!
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Haha nothing wrong with getting in touch with your feminine side every once in a while! ;) Thanks for the compliment!  It's much appreciated!  And I hope you'll show me some pictures when you're done!  I'd love to see how your Pokemon turn out :)
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Do u sell them?
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Sorry, I don't! :(
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Just beautiful! I wish I could do that.
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Thank you!!  I have patterns posted if you want to give it a shot ;)
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There very cute! 
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I adore you! You have no idea how much I admire you, I wish some day I could crochet like that, make my own patterns like you do. I also have to thank you for your free patterns, you are very kind. Thanks to amazing people like you I have been able to make beautiful things, I am just starting haha and in my country, Venezuela, it is very, VERY hard to get dollars and when we get them there arent too many, so it is really hard for me to purchase patterns and things like that. Congrats on your work and thank you once more :D
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Thank you so much for the kind words :)  It really makes me glad to hear that my patterns are helpful and that you're enjoying them!
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Hopefully one day I could commission you to do a quilava for me :D I understand that you're not taking commissions right now :)
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I'm glad you like my work!  I'll let you know if I do open up for commissions one day :)
AmethystCreatures's avatar
thanks! i'll definitely look forward to it!
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