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#Trivia - Rules + FAQ (October 2018)

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2018, 4:34 PM

  • By participating in #Trivia you agree to adhere to the rules outlined in this journal.
    • Failure to do so can result in penalties up to indefinite suspension of your #Trivia experience.
  • Everything in #Trivia is logged. Logs are queried for content by TriviaMinistry staff when necessary.
  • Direct all #Trivia suggestions, complaints, and user reports to TriviaMinistry as a note :note:; please do not comment them here or on any public web page.
  • Please use the !tag command in #Trivia if you encounter an incorrect/invalid questions; please do not comment here.


  • #Trivia is a 24/7 quiz game on DeviantArt’s chat network, dAmn, centered around answering questions for points which are used to rank up and earn prizes.
  • #Trivia was originally created and maintained by Thumbshare; it has been recreated by TriviaMinistry.
  • The player who first provides the correct answer for a question receives one (1) point.
  • The game will reset once a player reaches one thousand (1000) points. This resets all players' current-round scores, and the recipient receives a prize as well as bragging rights for the duration of the following round. B-)

  • Commands:
    • !hint - Displays a hint for the current question
    • !repeat - Repeats the current question. This is great for when you join the room amid a question's answering phase!
    • !tag - Tags a question for review by TriviaMinistry staff. Tagging a question requires a source link to reinforce your argument. See !help tag for full help in-chat
    • !myscore - Displays your #Trivia score card
    • !showscore [username] - Displays [username]'s #Trivia score card
    • !scoreboard - Displays current round top 10 scores
    • !leaderboard - Displays top 10 scores of all time
    • !help [command] - Displays help text for [command]

  • Ranks:
    • Master - Has career accumulation of at least twenty thousand (20,000) points
    • Expert - Has career accumulation of at least two thousand (2,000) points
    • Advanced - Has career accumulation of at least two hundred (200) points
    • Beginner - Has career accumulation of at least one (1) point
    • Spectator - Has no career accumulation of points

#Trivia Rules


  • #Trivia is English-only.
  • Do not attempt to moderate #Trivia when a member of TriviaMinistry staff is present.
  • Keep discussion relevant to the current question or context
  • Feel free to chat about other things in chats like #NightOwlsChat! :la:
  • Excessive idling is not allowed in #Trivia. Idling limits are at the discretion of present staff.
  • Bots are not allowed in #Trivia without prior approval from TriviaMinistry staff.
    • Bots cannot send messages in-chat.
  • Do not utilize ignore functionality against TriviaMinistry staff.
    • This will result in immediate loss of the ability to send messages in-chat.
  • Do not ask age or location of other players in #Trivia.
    • This will result in an immediate ban from the room.
  • Do not use bigoted or discriminatory language in #Trivia.
    • This will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the room.


  • Limit your answers to three (3) guesses. This allows other players a chance to answer the question.
    • If there are very few players present, a few more than three won't hurt.
  • Usage of search engines to aid your game will result in suspension from #Trivia gameplay--the length of this suspension is at the discretion of investigating staff.
  • Do not steal answers from other players.
    • We ask that you attempt to help the player find the correct answer until they run out of guesses. We realize that sometimes it is difficult to track other players' answers and also that some of you may have a bit of lag. We strongly request that you attempt to monitor this and not steal answers.


  • Q: What is considered stealing an answer?
    • A: Stealing a trivia answer from another player involves correcting that player's spelling or phrase structure and submitting it as your own answer. We ask that if you see someone trying to submit a misspelling, you simply let them know how to spell it correctly rather than take the answer for yourself.
  • Q: How do I appeal a disciplinary action administered to my #Trivia experience?
  • Q: How do I play?
    • A: Connect to #Trivia and reply to the questions given by Trivia-Inquisitor by typing exclusively the answer. Once the answer has been found wait for the next question.
  • Q: What is Trivia-Inquisitor?


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