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Headcannon For Alfred's father
Lakota language Vocab.
Onsila - poor thing
Oyate - Nation
Áte – father
Tunwicu- Aunt
Cinsi – son
wiyan wakan – holy woman
Father Nation
Oyate was a proud nation; a child of the land that watched over his people for as long as he could remember. Generation after generation undisrupted, some say it was over 10,000 years before something miraculous happened. When news that another child of the land had been born Oyate was curious. The chance to have another like himself by his side was an interesting idea, but nothing like this had ever happened before. A child born of the land, Oyate's land, he wondered what this meant for him and his people.
Oyate sought out the child and when first laid eyes on America, he was horrified. The child had hair like the wild winter grasslands and eyes the color of the deep blue sky. He looked like them, the strangers settling on the eastern shore. Oyate knew that the child was a sign of things to come; it was a future he did not acc
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Ivan and his ex-girlfriends by APHI-America Ivan and his ex-girlfriends :iconaphi-america:APHI-America 9 3
Born Free Chapter 19
Born Free Chapter 19
Alfred Ivan RusAme
On the Road Again
Ivan searched for the better part of an hour and still found no sign of Alfred.  He began to mutter a long string of very foul words under his breath that grew steadily louder each passing moment as his frustration neared its peak. He felt the telltale vibration in his pocket he knew without looking who it was, reluctantly he answered the phone to a grim sounding Gilbert on the other end, “They’ve made it to the old hideout. We need to move soon.”
Ivan’s sucked in a breath, that was not what he needed to hear right now, “Well we both knew it was only a matter of time, but I was hoping it would have taken them longer to find our trail.”
“We’re all packed and ready to go as soon as you get back. Did you burgerbrains yet?”
Ivan let out a frustrated huff, “Niet.” he said as he climbed the hill and noticed Alfred’s pack just over the next ridge, “Wait, I th
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derpy muro drawing for pee two by APHI-America derpy muro drawing for pee two :iconaphi-america:APHI-America 1 1
Sunset Moments
Ivan searched the empty streets for hours; he was just about to give up when he finally found who he was looking for. He walked over and stood behind Alfred silently,  unsure of what to do next.  
Alfred  didn't notice Ivan as he sat on the beach and stared out at the vast sea before him. He left the meeting early to go clear his head. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't push the thoughts of a certain Russian nation out of his mind. Was he imagining the lingering looks Ivan had been giving him lately? Just the thought of Ivan returning his feelings thrilled him and made his heart race. Yes, it had to be his imagination, Alfred assured himself. There was no way Ivan would ever feel that way about him. But the truth was, he had been thinking of nothing but Ivan lately. Alfred sighed frustratedly and lay back on the sand to stare up at the sky.
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Demon talk 4
Exhausted and battered from his encounter with his demon Alfred slept. It wasn't long before he began to dream again, but this time he was ready for it. He found himself staring at a bloody mess of a familiar winged figure sitting on the ground before him.
"So you're called Beur, right?" He asked quietly.
Alfred's encounter with this creature had given him insight to something he had never expected. He witnessed the torment of a creature yearning for freedom, desperate to throw off the bonds that oppressed it and the rest of it's kin. Alfred knew was too late to go back, he had seen the true core of this creature and he had synchronized with it.
The broken creature before him did not even bother to look up or answer for a while before it grumbled out, "I hope you're happy."
"If you mean happy that Arthur is safe from you, then yes. I am, but I know what you're really after now. I've seen what you're going through and what you're trying to accomplish..." Alfred paused letting the weight
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deamon talk 3
After counting the ceiling tiles 42 times Alfred found himself still wide awake, mainly because he wasn't looking forward to falling asleep again. After he and England had managed to switch back into their own bodies, the demon scars returned with a vengeance. Alfred toyed with the idea of telling England just how bad they had gotten, but the thought of how England would react stopped him every time.
The problem was, not only were the scars worse, they felt as if they were starting to take on a life of their own. And to his dismay, he was now hearing voices in his head that were steadily growing louder ever day. They seemed to gnaw on the edges of his conscious thoughts, waiting in the wings for when his defenses were low so they could flood in and take over.  The whole situation was spiraling out of control fast.
Inevitably he could only stay awake for so long and sleep finally won out over his anxiety. Almost immediately he was back to dreaming,  and it wasn't long before t
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Demon talk 2
Worn out by the chaos of the coming elections and the two parties vying for his attention in their own special and disturbing ways, Alfred finally managed to get away from them and drag his sorry ass home. He barely made it in the door when he dropped on the couch, too tired to even bother to make it upstairs to crash. But peace was the last thing he would get this night because as soon as he was asleep, he was dreaming again. he expected to see his new friend Demon Al, who had been visiting him non-stop, but this dream was different.
In his dream the demon scars on his back had disappeared. Realizing he was still dreaming, he went with it, figuring he was having a good dream for once, as he went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror... No demon? Really? Had the whole thing blown over somehow? Had they all just given up? It was too good to be true... He grabbed the small mirror and checked his back gone... they were gone, just like that. That's when he heard an arrogant voice cleari
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Demon Talk
Alfred and Arthur, still thoroughly wasted from partying it up at Mardi Gras, barely managed to find their way to Alfred's friend's place to crash for the night. They passed out in the guest bed together to sleep it off for the night. It was only later in the wee hours of morning that Alfred began to dream... It was a typical dream, not making much sense, rambling from one thing to the next and one place to another, when suddenly Alfred heard a familiar voice in his ear that made the hairs on the back of his neck bristle,"Hey handsome."
Alfred quickly turned around only to see the demon-Alfred smiling back at him. Alfred huffed disgustedly and turned away. He'd been able to control his nightmares for a long time or at least until he showed up. Al suddenly felt the demon sword in his hand clenched the hilt tightly as his whole body tensed for an attack.
"Still trying to ignore me, are you?" the demon said in a cool voice as he inspected his claws casually.
Al turned and slashed at the d
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Headcannon and bio for this America click to view
Alfred F. Jones. Aka The United States of America

Part  new kid on the block, part super power, part wide eyed child, part mad scientist, part jackass, part …you get the point. Alfred F Jones also known as the United States of America, or America. The  plucky little colony that nobody expected much from, who somehow managed to claw his way to the top of the world stage. He’s going to be your hero whether you need saving or not. And if you’re lucky, he won’t make things worse than they already are.
When he’s not scarfing obscene amounts of junk food, he’s either playing video games, checking out the newest scientific and military advancements, or looking for trouble because he’s bored. He generally likes everyone and wants everyone to have the same freedom he enjoys, the problem is he does not understand that, just because something works so well for him, doesn't mean it works for everyone else. He’ll pretty muc
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Alfred F. Jones
United States
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United States of America

The greatest nation on the planet, that's me. Sure there are other countries out there, but let's face it they're not me. I'm the Hero!

(( My headcannon and bio are here ))


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I heard you were talkin' shit
Alfred F Jones
Age 19
Police officer

Alfred grew up in a clanker family. Just outside of the capital of North Carolina. It was his mother who taught him the inner workings of machines, the language of gears and cotter pins that translates into anything your mind can imagine, if you learn it well enough. His father was off working nearly constantly to make ends meet, leaving Alfred, his brother and his mother alone most of the time. 

Alfred became well versed in the language of mechanics as he grew. He also had a lot of hope and pride as an American, a true patriot. So when the war came to a head and his country called, Alfred jumped at his chance. He made up a story for his parents about a training program and snuck out to enlist. He lied about his age, and signed up for the armed forces at 16 and a half years of age. Recruiters were hard pressed to find willing volunteers so they were quick to look the other way when kids like Al showed up, and Al was far from the only one.

But taking kids and throwing them into the meat grinder of war is a recipe for disaster. Alfred and kids like him full of pride quickly felt the weight of their decisions, as their lofty ideals of a just and fair world, were crushed against the randomness of death and destruction. They weren't ready, but who would have been ready to see your comrade bleeding out on the beach with no way to help them, or having to lead the charge against the enemy over the bodies of the fallen.  He kept himself sane with the fact he as putting down bullies who were denying others their right to live, but as the war dragged on he found that the suffering extended to both sides of this senseless war.

It all came to a head during a heated conflict for a key bridge in the middle of what looked to Alfred like hell on earth. He came across body of a Austrian soldier who hadn't managed to die yet, but it was clear that death was inevitable and the soldier knew it. He managed to lock eyes with Alfred as Alfred made his way past, Alfred felt the dead chill run through his body unable to look away.  Alfred picked his way over through the sounds of fire to check and and saw the wound on the man's chest. Without warning the man reached up and grabbed Alfred's arm and pressing something into Alfred's hand. He did not speak or rather he couldn't, his last bit of energy spent on a gamble as he just stared at Alfred, the desperate plea in the man's eyes was their only conversation. Alfred watched as the light faltered as life slipped away from him the body went limp Alfred wrenched himself free letting the man's arm drop to the dust. Without even a single word the man was gone like so many others before him, like so many more after him. Alfred looked at the thing in his hand it was a tiny mechanical bird, and eagle with an address in NY on it's wing. He pocketed the thing as he turned away, but before he could get very far the high pitched scream of bombs dropping wrought the air, there was no place to take cover as bombs started to land all over the battlefield. Alfred woke up 2 weeks later in an army hospital, missing his right arm and his will to fight anymore. But he didn't have to, the war was over.

Alfred came back a decorated war hero but civilian life proved to to be a struggle for him. The government set Alfred up with a job as a policemen. It was a good job, he didn't mind it, the problem came when he realized the war wasn't through with him yet. Plagued with guilt and prone to losing touch with reality during his flashbacks, Alfred struggled to keep the war that still haunted him at bay. After drawing his gun in the middle of a playground full of kids, he found himself shuffled from city to city. EAch time his flashbacks continued to cause trouble, and the government's only method of sweeping him under the carpet was to move him yet again to a new precinct so they didn't have to deal with him.  Still Alfred didn't mind being shuffled around, he got word that his last chance was going to be New York City. He hoped this would be his last move, he'd found only one method to cope with the nightmares that clung to him like a second skin, alcohol. He'd picked up a bit of a drinking problem in order to combat his sickness but it worked for him, or so he thought. It dulled the pain and guilt enough to forget for a little while at least. 

The new prohibition laws didn't help. But Alfred wasn't going to let them come between him and the only thing that's worked for him so fat. He'd fought for his country he laid down his life and his sanity, he was going to drink he didn't care what laws it broke. 

    1.       Where does your character come from? Are they born and bred city slickers? Did they come from the countryside? Did they immigrate from somewhere?

Born in North Carolina. He was given a job by the government as a police officer after his time in the war. He moved around a bit every time the flashbacks get to be too much, now working in New York city as a police officer.

1.a)If they did they try to settle in a neighborhood with many other people from their country, or did they try to assimilate? How much money did they have when they came over? What were their plans? 

Alfred makes just enough as a cop to be comfortable, it pays the bills and keeps a roof over his head for the most part. 

2. Are they magicians or clankers? Even most Americans can be divided. If they are Americans, which do they study? Do they prefer one to the other? If they prefer one, how much do they approve of the other? Do they hate it? Are they ambivalent? 

Alfred is a clanker through and through he doesn't understand magic and really doesn't believe in it, he feels that magic is more slight of hand and lies than a real thing. 

3. How well educated are they? Where and how did they study? 

He quit highschool when he entered the military, he was academy trained for a few months after the war before being put on a police beat. They shuffled him through as a favor to him for his service so while he is educated on paper, he lacks a lot of that education in reality. 

4. Do they have family? If so, where do they live? 

He has parents but they are angry with him for lying to them and joining the military, or so he thinks. He hasn't gone back to them after the war. 

5. Where in the city does your character live? Are they in expensive luxury apartments, or do they live in crowded poor housing? Do they own a shop that they live over? Do they rent from someone? Do they stay in a Dorm, as in are they in school? 

Al just moved to the city, he's not much for anything fancy so he lives in a little rent controlled place above a grocery store that's just enough for him. His apartment is a mess though, he barely takes care of himself never mind the old stray cat he found the other day. 

6. What are your character's goals? What do they want out of life, and how do they plan to get them? 

Al has stalled out in life, he's not sure where to go from here, he just hopes he doesn't screw this last chance up. He still suffers from flashbacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

7. The game system we use will use the Allignment system. If you are not aware, this means that there are two dichotomies that are used to loosely describe the way the character works. These are: 
    --Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, and 
This system can be a little misleading. Instead of trying to think about it in terms of those words, Think in terms of this instead:

Alfred holds a lot of demons he has yet to contend with. Sometimes that bright eyed child comes through on rare occasions but for the most part he tries to keep to himself. He's afraid to let anyone too close, because there's a very real chance he might hurt them during a flashback.  





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