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Aisha Clanclan Beach

Because there can never be too much Aisha.
Character copyright Takehiko Ito, from his series Outlaw Star.
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Sweet perfection. She is hot like lava that she bathes in.

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Applause, applause!  Got to learn how to do this -- practice x3...
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fucking QUALITY aisha fanart, finally
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DeadCobra's avatar
Shes so beautiful :lovelyeyes: 
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Never heard of this character before 
AphexAngel's avatar
then you obviously need to go check out Outlaw Star. It's an older series, but still holds up great today.
Internet-Cancer's avatar
Nice. Very nice.
Also am I mistaken or did you try that trick I told you about?
Internet-Cancer's avatar
ah. Nevermind.
I'd mentioned that the legs are roughly the length of the torso from the top of the head to the crotch when you said you were rusty with proportions.
Maybe that was a bit condescending.
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Ahhhhh, I LOVE Aisha!
N8Dogg5k's avatar
Truly one of the greatest cat-girls ever in the illustrious history of anime and manga.

I've said it before Aphex, and I'll say it again, you sure to know how to draw Aisha Clan Clan.
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Ah! The cover of the Ctarl Ctarl Imperial Officer Swimsuit Calendar! 
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