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Elyxium is filled with wonders and dangers, from exotic fascinations to the more macabre of nature, and offers limitless opportunities for the beings that reside on its lands. The world is filled with plentiful species and magics, so where will your story begin? 

What is Elyxium?
Elyxium is a massive collection of species, with items and collectibles to earn. We are an Art Roleplaying Game (ARPG) with a strong focus on community world-building. Players can directly influence the world's progression by choosing paths in special events. We like to consider the world and community to that of a massive game of D&D, where players are free to customize and adapt their stories in the way they want. 
We are most active on our Discord where you can share art, look for roleplays, discuss all that is Elyxium, enter giveaways, vote on new content and more! We advise users that prompts and lore may contain mature themes and thus recommend players of 16+.

We hold a monthly raffle for Discord-only members, so make sure to jump aboard!
Elyxium is vast and filled with all sorts of unique creatures. Below is the official collection of Main Species.

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You can find our open events below!


You can find all our active events and quests on our homepage,
along with any raffles or miscellaneous activities!



There are many prompts and quests to evolve and build on your characters. Our ARPG is conducted on our website, and is mainly active on discord!
 If you are new to the species you can claim your free welcome pack!
More info here!

So what does the ARPG involve?
We have hundreds of items to collect! Pets, awards, upgrades, magical afflictions and more! Some subspecies are only obtainable through the ARPG journey!

Pet Collecting

If you like to collect items, pet collecting is your go-to. We boast a large collection of pets, all with various rarities to keep your Elyxian company. New pets are added regularly, and achievements can be nabbed for completing sets! 
Naudi1 by CrypticKoi 11Bookaddghc by CrypticKoi  Jellyfish1 by CrypticKoi  Toucan111111111 by CrypticKoi Frog5 by CrypticKoi

Self Discovery

Looking for a more casual way to advance your character and backstories? We have permanent prompts to expand the lore of your characters while earning coins, XP, badges, and more. Advance your character's relationships and expand on your knowledge of Elyxium by diving into the world through your character's eyes. 

Quests, Monthly Events and more

Monthly events and quests are added on the regular, with the chances to obtain unique items, MYOs, designs and real-life vouchers. We seek to offer a large array of prizes to keep our events fresh and interesting! 


Elyxium is rich with 5 years+ of lore and world-building, which many secrets still lay to be uncovered. Dive into our lore pages, district info, Fauna, characters and even items to try to piece together what exactly took place when man still ruled the Earth...




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Nyx-Atlas Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't see one of my Aphex's Masterlist links, is the Masterlist gone ?
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Armegaddon Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I just message here to get my Aphex uploaded to new site or is it mandatory to join the Discord? I noticed I got a couple on there, but rest are not.
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CubeSnap Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2021   Digital Artist
Hey! I have a off-topic question. How do you make your website? I've been searching how to make my own and I can't find it. I'm currently making a Closed Species and the only thing I need to do is to make the website.
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mindbitten Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2021  Student Digital Artist
heyo! SUPER late to this, but i finally signed up to the website, and was also wondering as to how to get my characters on there?

my username there is chimericade! i can search for the proof of purchase on both of these if need be, but they were all bought direct and not trades/resales!
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Draorh Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello!  I just recently signed up for the website (very late, apologies) and was wondering how to transfer my characters onto my account?

They are here: theaphexcollective.com/masterl…
on the website, and I also have a 1R 2UC Dephx MYO

I also recently had a username change from Draori to Draorh
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TopHatGoat Featured By Owner Edited Mar 22, 2021  Professional General Artist
Hello~! I got this design awhile ago and I'm trying to figure out how to transfer them to the new owner. I couldn't find them on the masterlist though? 
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IMPLUCIUM Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heya, I just noticed everything is moving offsite, I cannot find my MYO Aphex and I was wondering if it just hasnt been uploaded yet? Approval comment:  Aphex MYO by Ellithvia

Has a new reference here:  Jello The Aphex by IMPLUCIUM
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VickyTheDrawerKitty Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2020
H-Hi i'm new, i can make one of each species, please? and if i can't then... How?
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