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my thoughts/my words by Apheline my thoughts/my words :iconapheline:Apheline 0 7
Rain Dance
When the saguaros look like many-armed devas,
second-hand givers and third-hand takers,
of retrograde light and parched tongues,
at once, believers and dispellers of lies.
Keeping track of the hours as lifetimes,
the minutes as seasons,
the passage of time by bird migration,
etching instances into your back; sides; hips.
To become a keeper of false histories,
like a ladybug learning the circumference of a leaf,
the way our footprints bring the city to the forest,
so, too, does nature encroach upon this urban landscape,
buildings for construction's sake.
lenses jutting out of silent rooftops,
spying toward the aether,
empty landscapes becoming telescopes; observatories; orreries.
When you speak only to the corners of the room,
and soar, at night, among the branches of the stars,
navigating their spaces using only hems; seams; skirting.
In a quantum dance,
our pair of estranged fox hearts,
dancing signals across a great river,
becoming one another's astrolabes,
whispering in small gestur
:iconapheline:Apheline 2 3
Music in the Street by Apheline Music in the Street :iconapheline:Apheline 0 10
It was in an age long past, a time when our people were very young and our land was lush with water, a paradise to men and animals alike, and the world was new and fresh, before the time of turmoil, before the time of the storyweaver, in whose footsteps I tread so cautiously, so that I might not make a new cataclysm.  The land, which gave of itself so plentifully, supported great beasts which dwelt on the land itself, in the great rivers, which flowed across the land's great expanse, and also in the air, which stood blue above the land in the sky.  This story is about such a creature.  One which soared above our lost fertile land, as a gentle gust and also as a great gale.  A bird so large that when he hunted, his wings toppled the great trees which then grew in our lands.
And yet this creature also yearned to be loved by our ancestors, the men and women of these lands.  So, he roosted in the trees near their camps, gently flapping his wings to provide cool breezes in the moist heat of
:iconapheline:Apheline 1 5
It was shortly after my fourth Naming Day.  I was playing by the river under the cliffs, with my best friend, Yunice.
She looked up from the rollybeetle we had been watching and said, "Why are you so strange, Quin?"
I sat cross-legged, opposite my friend whose bright red skirts looked even brighter splayed out across the wet dirt behind her.  We had built a small, circular wall out of the mud between us and placed the beetle inside of it, watching it climb partway up, lose its footing, and slide back down, rolling into a ball before coming to rest in the center of the circle.  The river was quiet here, but not far downstream the right bank squeezed in toward the left, forcing the water to flow more rapidly and loudly.
"I'm not strange," I replied, defensively, still staring down at the beetle, which was uncurling itself and preparing to make another escape attempt.
Sometimes Yunice got like this.  She didn't hear the whispering like I did.  The susurrus floating on the wind, as if carr
:iconapheline:Apheline 2 9
Lachrymal Lament
my blood smells salty...
                                 my skin is open...
                              all over...
I don't think I have eaten...
                                     in a long time...
but I can make toys...
                                be a toy...
       fall down after you spin me
:iconapheline:Apheline 2 11
Rain, faithless, falls
Rain, faithless, falls;
Kneeling at the feet,
Of the shores of tomorrow's,
Forgotten loves.
Loves never spoken,
Only whispered in small gestures,
Hinted at around the eyes,
The lips.
Lips whose delicate passions,
Hold back a ferocity of dreams,
Uninspired and waiting to be allowed,
to breathe.
Breathe so free of bottled-up sighs,
Allegories of myths and legends,
So far removed from fact,
That none can know the truth.
:iconapheline:Apheline 4 16
Look the Other Way
The city moans
Its vessels swell with tiny tracks
Its breath; the endless sighs of missed appointments,
Forgotten dates,
Meetings lost in the shuffle.
It's discontented bowels constrict
In awestruck observance
Of the time between the second hand's
Ballroom courtship of lunacy.
Indeed the very essence of
Small cafés,
Bell boys with tiny hats.
Just a memory of some
Flickering cigarette burn
In the corner of
Disused plot twists and
Incense holders.
The windows barred,
frame to sonnets and ballads of
Harlots and tramps.
Look the other way.
And all of this
Below what?
Some ancient somniscient?
Some intertwining oversoul,
Basking in its own glory.
Fools all.
Look the other way.
:iconapheline:Apheline 1 11
Show Must Go On by Apheline Show Must Go On :iconapheline:Apheline 20 30 ID2 (2012) by Apheline ID2 (2012) :iconapheline:Apheline 2 5
Karaoke to the Sirens
I now hate how you sang,
And listen to talk radio,
So I don't cry at the choruses.
Karaoke to the sirens,
And tapping our fingers,
To the idling of cars.
:iconapheline:Apheline 5 22
Theoxenia Chapter 2
I had dreamt of him for years.  His age seemed to change with mine; as I grew older he did as well.  His face I could never quite glimpse or if I did it was forgotten as the light of dawn broke through my the foggy memories of dreamt adventures.
I didn't really know what he looked like, but when I saw him in the flesh I knew it was him, the man from my dreams... the man of my dreams.
He barged into the room like a cannonball.  The fire in his eyes said nothing could stop him, though it didn't seem to keep the men in hazmat suits from trying.  In the end, though, they were just doctors, this man was so much more.  He was herculean, perhaps not in body, but in his pure intentions.
I was a captured maiden — at least as long as we're sticking to the analogy.  The doctors; evil henchmen.  The villain of the piece?  How should I know, I'm just a damsel in distress.
My captors quickly fell or fled and I tried to raise myself up from my slump on the
:iconapheline:Apheline 2 23
ID (2012) by Apheline ID (2012) :iconapheline:Apheline 9 30 1969: a moon landing by Apheline 1969: a moon landing :iconapheline:Apheline 4 35
Mature content
To Whom it May Concern :iconapheline:Apheline 5 16
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So, there was a bunch of snow here last week in Tucson.  It even stuck on the ground for a whole day in some places.  It's pretty rare to have snow like that here.  My partner, cereus-cactus and I had a blast playing in it and seeing the beautiful desert landscape transformed by the white fluffy stuff.

Here are some beautiful photos that he took:
Prickly Pear in Snow by cereus-cactus
Tucson Mountain Snow with Prickly Pear Cactus by cereus-cactus
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