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Spoon 3D

"This is all we could find, Sir"
"From the entire base?!"


A gift for *Morriperkele. More-less 34 hours in 4 days.
Based on a sketch by *Morriperkele titled "Spoon" [link]

what started as a modeling exercise turned out to be a cool sketch-to-3d project
this is a gift for *Morriperkele because he'll be leaving for military duty for a few months.
I hope you still continue 'Gone with the Blastwave' after that, love that comic :D

please download because the thumbnail doesn't justify the details in the full version :)

//Zoomed sections of texture details: [link]

//Spoon 3D Behind it all + comic: [link]

//in the zip:
-true-to-sketch-resolution thumbnail jpeg, framed 800x542px
-widescreen jpeg wallpaper, 1680x1050px
-4:3 format jpeg wallpaper, 1600x1200px
-a 'spoonme.txt' readme file

Spoon & character Copyright *Morriperkele
© 2006 - 2021 aphaits
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I have a spoon! Your argument is invalid!

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Found this spoon sir.
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yeh. daz a spun o3o
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:iconzeecaptainplz::iconsaysplz: Zat is a most excellent Spooning device!
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That my friend, is a spoon
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I can totally see this as the cover art for a box of cereal. "Fallout flakes! Now with glow in the dark marshmallows!"
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bahaha nice :) thoughts in his head are this... is... a.... spoooon...!
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omg he as a spoooooooon.
from the amazing world of gumball.
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This is one of the funniest things I've seen all day. Coincidentally it happens to be very well done. Nice job.
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"This is a spoon."
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Woah, that's some stunning detail man. Really good work, and not to mention GWTBW is probably the best webcomic in existence.
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This is totally Gone With The Blast Wave type art!!!
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very nice and nice work
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You know it's been turned into a demotivational poster? [link]
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"We can pull someone's eye out with this!"

"....Really, Private?"

"Uhm...." *looks awkwardly at the spoon.
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now thats a man that loves his spoons
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I've been on the search of a new wallpaper, instantly won me over. I was just excited seeing remake copy of the original version, especially in 3D.

Kudos to you.
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It's soooooo cooooool! <3
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can i use it in a demotivational poster
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