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Phonetics and Morse Code Chart

By aphaits
I always fumble around or got stuck coming up with a word explaining letter codes over the phone.
It's sometimes a little embarrassing.

So I made this little handy A4 sized chart to help and decided to share it with everyone for fun.
You can save the 300dpi image or hit download for pdf for better print output.

I hope it helps.



PS: Hit me with a comment or two if you liked it or got some use out of it.
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great but its Alpha not Alfa....
This is awesome
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. , .--. , .. , -.-.

I always found Morse code interesting. ^.^
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Should be helpful to many. Luckily, I don't need to place too many phone-calls. I like the looks of it, though. Clean and simple and most of all, from what I can tell it's usable, which is the priority about this.
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well, most impartantly, preventing myself from sounding like a blubbering idiot when looking for a word for a letter.
"...yes here, the code is, G for... err...hold on....Guacamole?....and N for....umm....N for.......Nachos?......"
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I should stop booking flights on the phone while hungry...
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and apparently 'importantly' is impartant...
damn typo @*$^#%$*!
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Awesome! Thanks! Will come in handy.
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As a previous Phone Tech-support agent, when talking to people who English isn't the primary language, sometimes it helps to have an alternative for certain words.

L = Lemon/Lion
Q = Quit
S = Sam
Y = Yellow
Z = Zebra

P = Peter because papa sounds childish
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Peter and Lemon is nicer to hear :)
and I just realized that 'Lima' in my language actually means five (5).
How the heck do I missed that :P
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Thanks for posting this! I made it into a song so I could memorize it! =D It's to the tune of the alphabet. xD
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ou yieah *snaps fingers*
Very handy, thanks! But shouldn't the 9 "Nine" be "Niner" or is that just for military phonetic numbers?
(example: [link])
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ahaha, sounds too army-ish :D
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Nice! I was looking for this chart since a long time, thanks! =D
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Héhé! Thanks for the llama! :)
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