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Ambassador WIP 2

about halfway done Oo

sorry about the pic being big, didn't want to lose it's sexiness by scaling it down so much

First Ambassador WIP: here
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amazing job man!
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Amazing! The detail you have captured in this work is just amazing!
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geezus you're incredible 0_o -applauds-
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Can't wait to see this finished, I hope you can get the engraving right :D

How have you gone about planning these? Do you look at the weapons in the model viewer and draw up a plan? Is it hard to get the scale right?

Oh, and in case it was any help, I've made this for you [link]
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That engraving is going to be a big help, so Thank You!

The only planning that I've done is of the drawing side view that you have commented on. There might be a front view that I have drawn, but I think I misplaced that. From there, I just started to work on it. The only hard part about the scaling is getting the handle to look good in the drawing, since it was just drawn by freehand.
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Oh good, glad it's some use.

I'm surprised you didn't trace from the 3D models.
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Holy, this looks brilliant so far!!!
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No problem!! I can't wait to see the finished product!
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