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The Sound Of The Universe

This was my part of an art trade with my awesome friend :iconmargaw: She painted me the most amazing portraits of my favorite actors and it's an incredible thing of beauty!
Because I know she loves Doctor Who and Ten, it wasn't too hard to decide on what to gift her in return. :D It was also a great way to deal with my Rose feels. I started watching Doctor Who quite recently (Definitely margaw's fault! :'D) and I can't stop! Prepare for more Doctor Who fanart!
I'm sorry, but I can't find my reference pic anymore. I might have taken a screenshot but I can't be certain. Anyway, this was done after a reference photo.

Thank you all for the support, the love, the motivation and just everything! You guys are wonderful!

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Oh my god... I'm so glad I missed this until now, because how could I have found the necessary concentration for my final exams with this gorgeous masterpiece right in front of me? Words simply can't describe the magnificence of this awesome painting! *tweet*…
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oh gosh
he looks at her in this way
and it's so beautiful
apfelgriebs's avatar
Awww, thank you! :heart:
I'm really glad that you like it!
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yessss, des is super awesome!!! die farben und texturen sind spitze! ♥ i love it :dummy: 
apfelgriebs's avatar
Awwww, dankeschön Hase! :tighthug:
Wenn's dir gefällt, bin ich immer glücklich! :heart:
Arkarti's avatar
gerne doch, dear! ♥ 
KT-Munson's avatar
You've captured a wonderful scene and a wonderful expression!
apfelgriebs's avatar
Thank you so much! Glad that you like it! :D
KT-Munson's avatar
You're welcome and I do! :D 
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Sieht echt schön aus, hast du voll schön gemacht… auch wenn ich Rose nicht sonderlich leiden kann :D
apfelgriebs's avatar
Daaankeschön! :tighthug:
Waaah, wie kann man Rose nicht gern haben? :la: Ich trauer ihr immer noch nach, wobei ich Donna und Amy auch großartig finde! :D
taurileonis's avatar
Bitte bitte :)
In Staffel 1 war sie voll okay, aber in Staffel 2 und 4 hätte ich sie öfter gerne mal gegen irgendeine Wand geklatscht, da hat die mich manchmal sooo aufgeregt. Mein Favorit wird wohl erst einmal Amy bleiben :D
Skizzenbuch94's avatar
I also started watching recently and I'm completely obsessed with it now!! Haha, so I get you ;) Lovely art, very realistic :)
apfelgriebs's avatar
Hahahaha! Thank you so very much!
Let's be obsessed together! :la:
I've made it to Season 6 so far but I'm trying to slow down a bit because I don't want Eleven to go. ^^
Skizzenbuch94's avatar
Exactly what I'm doing. I'm also watching season 6 now, but I'm slowing down. Although I'm curious to Capaldi's doctor. The thing is, I just can't imagine really that I would have to wait so long for new episodes to arrive... I'm so impatient ;)
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what can I say, this is PERFECTION!! :heart: I'm forever grateful for this incredible gift!! <3
*does the dance of joy*
*because there are no words left to say except JHFJHFKGYGDYGDYGDBJFJHFJHJEJNFG*
thank you :lovely: 
apfelgriebs's avatar
Narwwwwwwww! I'm still so happy you like it this much! :tighthug:
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<3 my baby is supposed to be delivered in the beginning of february, just in time for my birthday :D :D i'm soooo happy !!!
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Wow, this is beautiful. Great work. 
apfelgriebs's avatar
Thank you so very much!
Capt-Remote-Snowfox's avatar
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Arwwww! Thanks! :tighthug:
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