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Imperial Walkers

Long time no see! (:
I'm back! After working on my Star Wars project for Noris Force Con in Nuremberg this September (14 portraits! 14!) since January I now have some time to get back to my art. Well, almost. I'm currently preparing prints and all for my very first Con and it's really exciting!
I worked over this painting which I had originally done for May 4th and finally I'm happy with the result. Because of the Con I'll probably do some more Star Wars related art in the next few weeks and afterwards it's time to get back to... well... everything else! ^^

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Absolutely love the colours and textures! Great job with reworking this!
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ohhh, very nice! Ich hab mir nochmal die andre version andere version angeschaut und ich glaub diese gefällt mir auch besser XD Ausgewogener kontrast von warmen/ kalten farben + ich liebe deine texture brushes ♥
well done! :hug: 
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Yay!!! She's back <3

Abgesehen davon, dass das Bild einfach nur wundersuperdupertoll ist...
freue ich mich natürlich, wenn du demnächst wieder Zeit für andere Motive hast :3
Ich hab da auch so.. gaaaar nichts im Sinn... *pfeif*
(…) <3 *flausch*
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:D :D :D
Höchst subtil!
Erstmal muss ich das Spiel antesten! :P
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Is that watercolor?
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It's a digital painting using all sorts of traditional brushes. :3
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yesss! omg I love you for this (well I always love you for your work:p) Starwars from you always makes me a happy happy person! =D
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Oooh, could you be any cuter? :D
In that case: Prepare for more Star Wars because I'm working on something... rather big (literally). ;)
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whoop! I'll be looking forward to that=D
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Thank youuuuuu! :squee:
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