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If anyone has any thought's they would like to share for an AP plot, please feel free to share them here. There's no guarantee I will do them, but it's always great to have a broad spectrum of ideas just in case one of them might resonate.



Little Big Crush - snippets
I doubt I will ever complete this animation, so at the very least I provided some snippets from what I had. So now you can see how she would of grown up, excluding the other characters.
Wand of Age - Part 2.5
A short images series of the events taking place shortly after the animation of "Wand of Age Part 2".

Viewer discretion is advised!
Clare's Growing Dilemma
It was a day like any other. Clare was standing in the living room, when suddenly she felt an odd tingling sensation throughout her body. Without any warning her body jutted upwards as it started growing. Caught by surprised, Clare could do nothing more than groan as her body roared through puberty.

As the growth concluded, Clare couldn't help but gasp at her new adult body.
"What happened to me... did I just grow up?" She asked herself.
Clare soon realized that it wasn't only her body that has changed, but also her mind as she could now understand concepts she never conceived of before.

Curious of her new assets, she gave one of her erect nipples a squeeze. The newfound pleasurable sensation was immense, causing Clare to almost climax on the spot as her body quaked uncontrollable.
"God... I feel so good!" Clare moaned.

But before she could continue exploring her new body any further, she began to hear footsteps descending a staircase just down the hall.
"Clare? Honey? Is everything alright?" Her mother called out.

... to be continued?
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Using the magical shamrock which was given to her by a leprechaun earlier that day, the young toddler wishes that her and her friend were old enough to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.
Happy Valentine's Day
A bonus scene taking place shortly after "Wand of Aging".

After growing up thanks to the Wand of Aging, Jessica no longer felt like "playing dress up" with her babysitter. Rather, a new more fun game suddenly popped into her mind, and she had every intention of spending all night long playing it.


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