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Weather Alternative

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In this short video review, you can see how is simple to change settings, and how to change location manually, if for some reason automatically location is obtained wrongly:


As you already know, wxdata.weather.com/ as weather source don't work anymore.
And because of that, i decided to make one small weather skin as alternative for personal use.
This skin use old good Yahoo as weather provider. Nod 

How this alternative works?
First of all, weather location will be automatically obtained. Also, if for some reason location is wrong, you can always find and edit location manually.
This alternative, don't use Foreca, AccuWeather, DarkSky, ClimaCell, Weatherbit, Open Weather Map, The Weather Channel, Wttr.in, Weather2umbrella, and so on..
You don't need to make any account to use this alternative. You don't need to have your own API key. You are not limited to 100 or more calls per day.
Everything is free and simple.

Thanks go to jsmorley for the color picker RainRGB4 ! Nod

And please don't ask me, "Do you plan to update all weather skins?" or "Do you plan to change weather provider for all weather skins?" 
Because my answer will be "No, i don't planning, because that's a huge job and require a lot of time. I have my obligations and my life.But if someone of you have a free time and if want, you can always do that. Then you can always post a download link on my pages. If you do that, i will be really glad. Please feel free to do that." Nod 
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I used the Yahoo weather but many times drop out the service ......

https://www.yahoo.com/news/weather/country/county/city-city code

I looking for help to change the service for www,weather.com someone can give me advice about.

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very good .thanks:) :)

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You're welcome and thanks! :nod:

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Super super super. Hvala puno na ovom skinu. :D :)

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Nema na cemu i hvala! :D :nod:

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Awesome theme <3

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it is nice skin but i only need weather skin because i already have your Robik skin pack and there weather skin don't work but here date ,day and time are included .

Can I remove them by editing

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As always the best humor a person can find. Love that in you! Always have. :nod:

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:) .. Thanks, thanks! :nod: :hug:

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When I resize the skin, it crashes and doesn't show weather anymore. How do I fix it?

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Restart rainmeter.

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Thank you it worked

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Variants 2-5 all mess up the actual number for °C or °F. Constantly says 33°F for me. Only variant 1 gets it right. Please fix this, would love to use variant 5 while using a different date skin

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I can't fix, because everything is normal and work for me. Why don't work for you i really don't know. :|

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i have the Problem, that the fonts are much transparent. It's hard to read. Is t possible to change it?

E.G. The weather and the temperature. And one letter of the weather is bold and the others not.

is it possible to change the font of the clock and the others?

And is it maybe possible to only show the weather Icon and the temparature?

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Hi.. First of all, you don't have a problem with this skin. Now, you will think how? I will explain you: Everything you stated should be like that.Half font need to be more transparent. Temperature also, need to be bold. And, so on..

Here you can see how to change font in rainmeter skins:


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Great skin ... it work fine... thanks a lot :D

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The best wheather skin ...is perfect !

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This is my skin:


Hi, i recently found this skin and I've been absolutely loving it. However, I don't know how to change the font color, which is white/transparent white, to black/transparent black or just plain black. The white font color doesn't show up too well in my skin so can you please help me change the color or if you or any other person can write the directions to how to exchange it. Thanks for your help!

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