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How to open settings menu:
Just move mouse over the Clock  skin and then double click on the skin and settings menu will open.

These languages have been added for now:

sephirotess for: >>> French language!  Nod 
I really must  thanks poweredbyostx for making nice video tutorials about my rainmeter skins! Nod  www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1HxEW…
Wallpaper you can download here: Link
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how do you change the settings for the day counter?

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In the skin settings menu?

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I can help you for turkish language if need

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The visualizier isn't working does anybody know how i can fix that

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how can i change the visualizer color? btw i really like it!<3

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Where do you download it from because i press download and it says tillitium but its just a file not ranimeter skin installer file

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Do the same but with Google chrome.
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Why you ask me for that link? I didn't post that link, because that link is from YouTube. And if you don't know, that link work fine. Because, this is the right place where you need to download this skin. ;)
You have the download button with green arrow, in the top right side.
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how to change the location?
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Watch this video from 0:50 > Link
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When I try to change to clock to a 12 hour clock, the clock disappears. How can I fix this, thank you.
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I don't have that problem.Try to reinstall skin.
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That worked, thank you
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How can I hide the widget behind any window; Suppose I have opened a photo, this widget can still be seen in the screen; same goes for videos, apps or any window, How to overcome this? By the way Nice Work (really meant it).
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Thanks!;) Move mouse over any skin, then right click > Manage skin > Position: > On desktop. ;)
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