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Realistic Weather Forecast 5

How to open settings menu:
You can open the settings by double clicking on the Weather skin.

To change skin size,go with the Mouse over the skin,then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size), or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size), and the skin will be "bigger" or "smaller".And when you change the size,don't change it fast!Change it slowly!

These languages have been added for now:
Czech,English,French,German,Greek,Italian,Polish,Russian,Serbian,Spanish,Turkish,Croatian,Dutch (NL),Swedish,Hungarian,Latvian,Chinese,Portuguese (BR),Catalan (Català),Ukrainian,Romanian.


peaceleek for: -> Turkish language!  Nod 
Thanks hanutAkmq for: -> Croatian language!  Nod 
Thanks MFrandsen for: -> Danish language!  Nod 
Thanks KissKK for: -------> Hungarian language!  Nod 
Thanks jeroentje12 for: -------> Dutch (NL) language!  Nod 
Thanks Eichmann93 for: ------> Swedish language!  Nod
Thanks sulorena for: ------> Portuguese (BR) language!  Nod
Thanks silverzboy for -> Latvian Language!  Nod 
Thanks sam78919 for -> Chinese language!  Nod 
Thanks vinnegrett for -> Polish language!  Nod 
Thanks IIuiscg for -> Catalan (Català) language!  Nod 
Thanks svitlanagava for -> Ukrainian language! Nod
Thanks drakulaboy for -> Romanian language! Nod
I really must  thanks poweredbyostx for making nice video tutorials about my rainmeter skins! Nod…

And of course as always,thanks Connect-R (me) for beautiful weather icons (I hope you'll like it) Wink/Razz 


 Arrow left Added Moon phase info
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Hey man, doesnt work here, doesnt show the icons

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Is not working. I don't know what's going on, I write the language "Spanish" and I write the time code. But ...

Imagen 2020-12-18 183255
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I see, thanks for the info+ :)

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not work for me windows 10 20H2

Capture dcran 2020-12-16 192442
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Well, I have the same problem as you.

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Hey, there doesn't seem to be any download link or github page and the deviantart download button doesn't work for rmskins so where do I get your skin?

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Most of the weather skins no longer work because the popular (api) used to make them has been shut down. You either need to update the skin to draw from a new source or find one that has already been updated.

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is there any solution to get it work icon doesn't load

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Who were you using for your API? is who I use for a web app I have. Free and updated ever 10min.

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95 % of the rainmeter weather skins use this:

And also, Open Weather Map information can't be updated every 10 minutes. That's simply is not true. Skin can be updated if you want every 2 minutes, but weather info, no. Open Weather Map free API updates only every 2 hours, so it is not an appealing choice as a source for current weather data. And that's the real truth.

Foreca is free and working. Check Kemstayl Weather here on DA.

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Yes, but Foreca is a complicated for 10 other things.

Hi, I got a problem with your skin.

The url is not valid any more. This makes the skin useless at the moment. Is there another url to get it to work again? Thank you. Sorry, I did not see that this issue is already addressed when I placed my comment.

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