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Realistic Weather Forecast 4

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How to eddit settings:
Move mouse over the skin to reveal settings icon.
Settings  icon will appear in the top side.
Then when icon reveal,click on it to set your settings.

Skin contains Light and Dark variant.

These languages have been added for now:Czech,English,French,German,Greek,Italian,Polish,Russian,Serbian,Spanish,Turkish,Croatian,Dutch (NL),Swedish,Hungarian,Latvian,Chinese,Portuguese (BR),
Catalonian (Català).
I can not able to translate the skin to each language,but you can translate at yours.
If you want to help me translate into your language,click on settings icon,then click on book icon,see the instruction, translate to your language, and please share fuly translated  language to me,and i will add it in the next update. :) (Smile)

Other translations provided by:
Thanks peaceleek for: -> Turkish language  Nod 
Thanks hanutAkmq for: -> Croatian language  Nod 
Thanks MFrandsen for: -> Danish language  Nod 
Thanks KissKK for: -------> Hungarian language  Nod 
Thanks jeroentje12 for: -------> Dutch (NL) language  Nod 
Thanks Eichmann93 for: ------> Swedish language  Nod
Thanks sulorena for: ------> Portuguese (BR) language  Nod
Thanks silverzboy for -> Latvian Language Nod 
Thanks sam78919 for -> Chinese language Nod 
Thanks IIuiscg for -> Catalonian (Català) language Nod 

Creditable for realistic weather icons as always  ---> Connect-R (me) Nod

Added "High" and "Low" temperature on today's forecast.
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