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How to open settings menu:
You can open the settings by double clicking on the date skin.

To change skin size,go with the Mouse over the skin,then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size), or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size), and the skin will be "bigger" or "smaller".And when you change the size,don't change it fast!Change it slowly!

Supported languages: 
Well, this time i added a new option for translating.Default language is English of course.But, you can directly translate to your language in settings.That's mean that almost all languages in the world are supported.

Thanks marcco23 for permission & inspiration > Foxie for KWGT ! Nod 
Thanks  jsmorley for the color chooser RainRGB4 ! Nod 
Wallpaper: Link
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cant download it hiphopium walppaper xpire
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Link is not expired, i checked now and it's work fine.
hiphomium wallpaper link expired sir

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No, it's not expired. I checked now, and it work.
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hiphopium walppaper xpire
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Is it possible to get this rainmeter config from you?
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Hi.. Of course. You have download link with green arrow in the top right corner.
Hi, how did you get the triangle shape on the wallpaper, i didn't come across any shade overlap for the wallpaper, unless the its a wallpaper designed as is. pls let me know. ty
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Hi.. Well, to be honest you can find on the internet many edited wallpapers in this "triangle" style. But what kind of a form will be, it strictly depends on you and your imagination. I will use for example this edited wallpaper as you can see it this preview above. This effect you can get and with other programs for image editing. I love to use and work with Photoshop. The process of making this effect is very simple, but i can't explain you without video tutorial. I make for you, one short and simple tutorial, how you can get this effect with Photoshop. I didn't show you, how i make triangles, because that it will use some time. But, you can make and use any shapes with your imagination. There are a few ways to make this effect with photoshop. But in this example, i will use the most simplest and easiest way. You can watch video here: Video link
Thank you, I appreciate your time and video. Cheers
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You're welcome! Now i hope, you know how to get this effect.. You can play with every wallpaper and shape. ;)
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Nice one mate! :)
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Thank you very much mate! ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Nod 
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Dope aesthetic Lightbulb The Devil Bomb 
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Great work as always mate! ;) +fav +fav +fav 
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Thank you very much mate as always! ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Nod :happybounce: 
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Nice as always +fav I am a dummy! Love Rage :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: La la la la Clap 
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Thanks as always! ;) (Wink) :D (Big Grin) Nod :happybounce: Woohooooo! 
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A beautiful and very complete theme :clap:.
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I agree..Thanks as always! ;) (Wink) Nod Hug 
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You're very welcome :hug:.
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