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Flat Music Player

How to open settings menu:
You can open the settings by clicking on the Dots icon on the top right side.

To change skin size,go with the Mouse over the skin,then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size), or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size), and the skin will be "bigger" or "smaller".

If you use Foobar2000,you need to download and install  foo cad plugin ) .
If you use MusicBee,you must  enable "CD Art Display" plugin in (MusicBee>Edit>Preferences>Plugins).
Support for Spotify is also added. 
Some info are limited. For example Artist and Title info works. Album art and album info don't work. This work only with desktop version, not with web player! It's tested with Spotify desktop version v.11.0.237 . Spotify web player don't work anymore. Spotify plugin is stopped with developing.

Every part of this skin is made by me. Except original idea! All the credit for the idea and design goes to Olivia Ricci > Link!  ! Nod 
© 2019 - 2021 ApexXx-SenSei
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From the description i can't tell if the album art is supposed to work with the desktop version of Spotify. On mine it's currently only showing the title and track. I'd really love to see the album art too.

And if not, is there any way to disable the standard image displayed?

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I’m sorry for my past behaviour lol I’m way less immature these days

damn didn't expect a quick reply :o

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Very beautiful!! +fav +fav +fav 
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Thanks mate as always! ;) (Wink) Nod :happybounce: 
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Very nice player :-).
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Thanks as always! ;) (Wink) Nod 
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You're welcome, as always :hug: ;-).
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This is pretty neat mate :)
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