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How to open settings menu:
You can open the settings by double clicking on the Clock and Date skin.

To change skin size,go with the Mouse over the skin,then move the Mouse Wheel "UP" (to increase skin size), or "DOWN" (to decrease skin size), and the skin will be "bigger" or "smaller".And when you change the size,don't change it fast!Change it slowly!

These languages have been added for now: English, French, Serbian, Spanish.

Thanks sephirotess for > French language! Nod 
Thanks MyCompleX for > Spanish language!
Wallpaper > Filip Kominik Nod 

If you use Foobar2000,you need to download and install  foo cad plugin ) .
If you use MusicBee,you must  enable "CD Art Display" plugin in (MusicBee>Edit>Preferences>Plugins).
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the wallpaper please

How can I get the wallpaper?

It says no file when I try to download it. Am I doing it wrong?

so clean and simple, like it so much..

This looks absolutely incredible.

hi iam new at this stuff and i realized using skins always works just without the wallpaper ;( is there something i have to do ?

btw very nice work ;))

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Hi.. I don't understand, how you mean "using skins always works just without the wallpaper?"

I mean I aplay the skin but it only shows clock, date etc.. But there is never the correct background/ wallpaper.

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Skin need to show, as you said clock, date, etc.. Wallpapers you need to always choose and apply. For wallpaper, choice is yours. Wallpapers don't have anything with skins.
Great work! I was wondering how to remove the "." at the end of the Date and Weather skins? Thanks!
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Thanks! ;) (Wink) Move your mouse over the date, then right click>  Edit skin.

Then find this:

FontFace=Gravity Light
Text="%1, %2."
InlineSetting=Color | #TextColor#,100
InlineSetting2=Case | Upper

This is what you need:
Text="%1, %2."

Now you need to delete dot "." after %2.

That's mean it need to looks like this:
Text="%1, %2"

When you finish, save config and refresh Rainmeter.
The same thing is and for the Weather forecast.
Thanks so much!
Is there also a way to change the font color of the location?  I was able to change the color of the string after "Location," but not the location itself.
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You're welcome! ;) (Wink) 

You need this:

InlineSetting=Color | #TextColor#,100
InlineSetting2=Color | #TextColor#,100
InlineSetting3=Color | #TextColor#,100
InlineSetting4=Case | Upper

You neeed to delete #TextColor# and then you can change to your color code. 

Black color: 0,0,0
White color: 255,255,255
Red color: 255,0,0
Blue color: 0,160,255

and so on.
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no music icon on player, how to fix this ?
99999 by Cekra007   
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Music icon is used from font, not from picture. So, i suppose your rainmeter don't read font properly. Try to reinstall rainmeter. And install this skin again.
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Hello, i sent you a note with the spanish language. I hope works well.

Have a great day.
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Hello.. First of all, thanks for translation! ;) (Wink) 
Skin is updated and translation works perfect. :D (Big Grin) 
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