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Update // 
Only Mirza's slots left to go.
I hope those who have gotten my reoseans enjoy them as much as I did!


I feel like the longer I keep my own Reoseans, the more they will remind me of the ARPG and I honestly... don't want to feel tempted into coming back.
This is another step in the process of moving forward, and I believe that other active players can find worth in these characters for what they were.

Personally, I am unsure of their entire value as it stands, but there are import edits available for purchase, tied to these characters.
Make no mistake that these were once something I devoted to deeply, but I can't find myself with the desire to let them rot, either.

Unfortunately I will not be looking to negotiate about the prices of these, nor will I accept art. There is sentimental value in all of these characters.
I apologize for any disappointments this my invoke.


Aziz Mirza 5047 by Reos-Empire

Mirza's slots are for sale.
He is paramount and boasts double rare traits, Duveteux, and has created an impressive array of offspring in his time.
The price of his slots have always been $30 USD due to his overall value, and they will be staying that way for this final sale to retain
the past investment of previous slot holders.

Slots are $30 USD each, or 2 for $50 USD.
Limiting to 20 slots; and these will be his first sold slots with 0 restriction.
After this sale, he will be retired indefinitely.

Purchase Slots through this thread:…

Slots Sold: 9 / 20

He as a Reosean is NOT FOR SALE.
I have invested far too much money, art,
and overall time into this Reosean to give him a price tag.


My entire Bank of items is also for sale. All of it.
Notable items within are x1 Black Pumpkit, x1 Sand Owlcat, Duffel Bags, Zataro piece and Armor, 20K Krones, and a sizable hoard of familiars (10+).

The Reos Bank and Market ]

Tentative unless I see something really good. ($60+)


This Journal will remain present until everything is sold.


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nilquetoast Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A question, Apex. I understand if the answer is no, but is there any sort of archive where you put the artwork that you took down? I know that you're leaving the arpg community, but there were a number of pieces I liked. I wont ask you to reupload anything, but I was curious if you had an alternate gallery, or something.
ApexPlegian Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019
I do not, unfortunately! I feel that for a multitude of reasons that I could just bury the lot of it.
I may cross upload to my main working account for the sake of it since some of them I am still particularly fond of.

Though if you do not follow me already, my main is Arukanoda !
nilquetoast Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do follow that account! I was just wondering about a few certain pieces is all. Thanks for getting back to me, I completely understand. Best of luck where the skies take you. :heart:
PETROL-TANK Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Sokolva Featured By Owner May 5, 2018   Traditional Artist
Just found your work randomly recommended, and when I clicked on your page to see more, I was struck by how lovely it was aesthetically, the way you have that striking winged creature spread across the top. Its such an amazing way to open up to people just discovering your art! You are a really inspiring artist and I love your style and the creatures you have created.
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