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The mighty queen of the magic land of Pohjola (from the Kalevala)
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Really amazing !
You are first on to picture her as powerfull witch.
Usually she is mean woman.. now she is powerfull and looking protective.
Reminds me about Granny Weatherwax, who also is older but not a hag..
Sofffie's avatar
Even though Granny likes to portray herself as a hag
Searleit's avatar
I know this has nothing to do with what came to my mind when I saw this, but she looks like an
old Gypsy woman. And that expression - great.
De-toxicated's avatar
sha cant be gypsy..
Ruusuvuori's avatar
She is stunning. A powerful force and I long to one day play her in a film. Thank you for bringing this imagery into this reality.
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A magnificent view of Louhi.  You have managed to make her to look older and powerfull but not as a hag or crone, how witches are many times seen. Indeed she looks like a powerfull witch-queen of Pohjola.


As a Finn I am always pleased to find illustrations from our national epic.  Thanks for the great picture. 

DemoniqueAlma's avatar
Awesome why don't we have more picture of old lady witches their amazing!
8Dataman8's avatar
Best antagonist ever! And the picture has very nice feeling in it.
animaocean's avatar
That's awesome!)
Noldofinve's avatar
Здорово и очень живо. Юбка, такое ощущение, вот-вот начнется развеваться. И очень красивые скалы.
VMartyn's avatar
Вау, скалы очень нравятся)
MultiTiger65's avatar
wow very nice piece of art! I like how you drawn clothes and rocks.
yoggurt's avatar
Очень нравится бэкграунд, скалы вообще изумительные..а вот поза колдуньи что-то внушает недоверие, хочется увидеть левую ногу отведеной вбок, следуя складкам подола
Jadeyfish's avatar
I really like this :) Nice textures
yoggurt's avatar
humm ...I don't see any premade textures here, all handpainted
animaocean's avatar
I think he meant the way you transfer textures (lights, shadows, folds, wrinkles etc) by hand painting. ))
DustyCandy's avatar
Strong picture, especially I like the position!
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MetalSnail's avatar
Awesome work, I love those rocks...brilliant!!!
One of my favourite bands (Amorphis) are always singing about the Kalevala.
APetruk's avatar
Thank you! I consider this a recommendation, so I'll find albums of this band, or may be I even heard some songs. Is this a hardrock music?
MetalSnail's avatar
It's folky heavy metal from Finland, their last cd "the beginning of times" is a good one for people new to them.
Their early stuff is death metal though!
anastasiyacemetery's avatar
блин, ну одинаково качественно ) классно, когда не стыдно ни за одну работу )
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