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Absolut Solid

This is the art piece that Black Thread will be submitting to the auction at AnimeFEST this year! It'll be a first for me, so I'm hoping everything goes well :meow:

This is Snake from the Metal Gear series, in all his raspy voiced glory.

This was around 15 hours (possibly more since the ironing was spread out over a week) and exactly 16,100 beads. Very much a collaborative effort between my honey and I. Lots of curse words were said, many beads were lost on the floor, and I'm pretty sure I went cross-eyed for a couple of minutes... but we finally have a completed piece!
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I was going to start small.

But my better judgement is being overridden by the awesome visage of Solid Snake.
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...soft clap. *Nod*
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Very awesome, you've done some amazing work
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thanks! it was a bit of a beast to finish up but i still enjoy looking at it to this day XD
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I would to. Now this may be a stupid question, but did you iron that whole thing? I'd imagine if you did it would've been extremely difficult to to get it all even.
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it was ironed in smaller sections, which were then ironed together. we spaced it out over several days, so that each newly ironed section could cool down and sit under a heavy stack of books that was placed on the seam :)
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AHHHH I WANT TO MAKE THIS >.< but not enough beads, space and peg boards >.< your so awesome.
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How'd you iron this so well?
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instead of doing it in all one piece, we broke it up into 4 sections. each section was ironed, and then ironed together into one big piece after that. tackling it that way made it much easier to get done, but it was still a bit of a headache ^-^
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But it's so evenly ironed though!
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I love it,you know it! :heart:

Are those medium or huge beads? And I suppose you ironed it when it was all complete in the pegboards,right? I'm scared of ironing something so big :/ How did you do that?
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kind of a late response, sorry!

the size is the medium, i guess? whatever the "normal" size is that you see at hobby lobby/walmart.

it was ironed in sections, and then the sections were ironed together :)
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impressive work!
apertureashley's avatar
thanks so much! it definitely took some concentration and patience ^_^;
Red-Panda-Photograpy's avatar
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i saw that at afest and it was my favorite =)
apertureashley's avatar
thank you! a lot of people couldn't make out wtf it was XD it's currently hanging over our bed at home haha
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that's incredible!
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thanks! it was a lot of work hehe
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AUGH. My brain just short circuited.
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