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Gallery Folders

Chell - Portal 2 - The escape by Nerdbutpro
d e t h r o  n e d by magoomafoo
Cooperative Escaping Initiative by Sweet-Christabel
Portal 2: Memoty by NatashaFenik
Atlas and P-Body
Redraw by Zelda-muffins
A present for a friend-page one by eosia-dusk
A present for a friend-page 2 by eosia-dusk
Yey! by WheatPodlaska
Caroline and GLaDOS
GLaDOS 2018 by deerteeeth
neurotoxin by Alekhi
Portalber day 1: favorite portal 1 character by Roseyicywolf
Portalber day 10: Favorite voice line by Roseyicywolf
Cave Johnson
[Portal]Cave Johnson - Deal with it by Cheapcookie
Cave Johnson Here by ChrisInVT
U MAD BLACK MESA? by Starmischief
Companion Cube
Dakota's Change by flip4flippyfan
XL Companion Cube by hardrocker37
XL Companion Cube - Light by hardrocker37
top ten glados moments - portal 2 by zuralicious
Portal - You Monster by Red-Wolffie
portal 2 by zuralicious
Companions by LOSHComixfan
Doug Rattmann
Deviating Path: Rattmann by LOSHComixfan
Landing by VremyaControl
Fall by VremyaControl
Youdontneedthose by VremyaControl
Personality Cores
One Last Chance Remake by AnnabethRide
So Many Cat Pictures Remake by AnnabethRide
Space Core 2018 by Starmischief
core beings by DayStarBreak
Sentry Turret
turret fashion by GirlWithTheGreenHat
Human Turrets Portal2 by Alekhi
Turrets in dresses are a gift to this world by Roseyicywolf
The Oracle by Frankenturret-Chan
Everyday a Little Death by Roseyicywolf
Portal: Man Alive! by DrGaster
Suddenly Wheatly by RichardsonSquared
Portalber day 6: Favorite Portal AU by Roseyicywolf
Groups and Pairings
Dangerous, Mute, Lunatic by lemonsoveroranges
Aperture Truck and Black Mesa by ChrisInVT
Designs and Crafts
Portal bead bracelets by Narucid
3D, Garry's Mod, MMD
[SFM PORTAL] Need more clones by LetsPlayLittle
Looking Through The Aperture 5 by GirlWithTheGreenHat
Crossovers and OCs
Assistants by Roseyicywolf
Crossover and OC Literature
You're the one who holds the Stars~ by RichardsonSquared
Internet Memes
Portal 2 Meme by DarkAreodu
Portal Dump by ShockWave64



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Welcome to Aperture Laboratory, a fan group dedicated to Valve's Portal series! If you are an avid fan, please join the group! Any and all supporters of Portal are welcome here!


:bulletblue:Rules and Regulations!:bulletblue:

:iconcubelaplz:Code of Conduct:iconcubelaplz:

Like any other club, we encourage politeness and don't tolerate any spam and haters, be it in the front page or in personal messages to other members (agent47crows: although we're not gonna check your private messages, no no!). A warning will be given on the first offense. In short, just be nice and respect your fellow Portal fans (agent47crows: you monster)!

:iconcubelaplz:Submissions Policy:iconcubelaplz:

Here at Aperture Laboratory, we are open to pretty much any form of Portal fan art, be it Garrys Mod or fan fiction. Just make sure to add the appropriate mature filter on your deviation if necessary. Although we have a folder for doodles and sketches, we strongly encourage you to share your best work!

For both favorite suggestions and the group gallery, please submit your art to the correct folder. Art in the featured folder will be picked exclusively by administrators.

You must be a member to submit work into the gallery, and the limit is 3 deviations per day.

Admins are required to vote whether the art should be added to the gallery. In most cases, it should be accepted with no problems within a day or so. In the off chance that your deviation sits in limbo for more than a week, re-submit it.

In the rare case when we decide that something may be too explicit (e.g. violence, sex) to be showcased in the gallery, the artwork will either be declined or requested to add the 18+ mature content filter.

There are some things that we won't tolerate, however. Aperture Laboratories does not endorse plagiarism in any way. Gmod aside, we do not like submissions of images which belong to someone else. Blatantly taking an official picture from Portal and putting a filter over it, for example, is prohibited.

Nor do we accept work that is submitted by someone other than the original artist. We understand that there are a lot of awesome Portal fan art outside of the Deviant Art community, but it is the artist's choice whether he or she makes an account and posts it here. To summarize: don't steal other people's art, or you will be sent to the Redemption Line!

:star:New Rules!:star:
To prevent cluttering in the Literature folders, we will only be accepting the first chapter of a multi-part story.

The gallery will be periodically reorganized. Submissions with the following qualities will be archived in the Doodles section:
  • Works in progress
  • Photographed at a skewed angle (Designs and Crafts exempt)
  • Made in the dA Mural program

Hello everyone! I just finished up the last of my finals, so I have some time to reorganize the group gallery at last! This will entail:
  • Archiving works that are WIPs, doodles/sketch dumps, photographed at a skewed angle (Designs and Crafts exempt) to the new Archives folder, or made in the dA Mural program
  • Combing through the folders to see if there are any incorrectly submitted works I overlooked during the first pass
  • Going through the Literature folders to check for multi-chaptered pieces. Everything save for the first submission (i.e. Chapter 1 or Prologue) will be deleted to prevent cluttering.
  • Going through Design and Crafts folder. If there are multiple submissions for the same project, I will hand pick a few that best represents it and delete the rest. Once again, this is to prevent the folder from getting too cluttered.
    • Adding entries to the featured folder

    If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or drop a comment in the main page!

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man why do I keep on stumbling upon dead groups... at least I know other people still care about Portal, too!
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Is this group dead?
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I'm doing a fundraiser for Extra Life to benefit local Children's hospitals by gaming for 25 hours in a row.

As part of the fundraiser, I'm raffling off a few items, the big one being a Companion Cube shadow box signed by Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS)! 

Portal Companion Cube Shadow Box by ShadowOfDorkness  GLaDOS by ShadowOfDorkness  

Anyways, please check me out at to win a piece of art that any Portal fan would be envious of!
Ava1860 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Student Artist
Hey everyone! Check out my Portal RP in the link! Seriously I only have one person in this rp and I could really use some support.....…
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so where would a pic of me with a ASHPD go?
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