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Glee - Rachel and Quinn

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the only real-life friend i have who enjoys glee as much as i do requested that i draw some rachel/quinn... so this is for you bb <333

uh. i don't draw girls that often and this is my first time trying lineless so i'm sorry for the fail ;u; i hope you like it anyway! <3 also i'm sorry it's not even slightly smutty. i ---- don't know how
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i thought this is Brittana!
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amazing artwork keep up the good work 
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This is really pretty! I love the shading and lineless look. Great job :thumbsup:
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This is very beautiful!
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I LOVE GLEE!!!!!!! <3 :hug:
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Where did this whole Rachel and Quinn pairing come in? It's hot. ;)
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Rachel looks almost like Aria from Pretty Little Liars o.o
But it's awesome ;D
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I love this pairing! :iconfinallyplz:
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the picture in itself is outstanding :D
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Beautiful picture.
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Really sweet =) awesome job!
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Awesome! There's not much Faberry fanart so I'm glad there's someone out there thats making fanart :D

If there isnt enough fanart there's always fanfiction :XD:
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it's gorgeous
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they're the most adorable couple
alkdhlkajd <3 and your art is amazing
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aww they came out so pretty!
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wow, thats kind of amazing. how do you draw that well, in that much detail?
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nice good job XD love your coloring ^__^
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what does smutty mean? sorry, i have like a vocab of 20
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slutty, Wuzzle98. He said Smutty though.
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lol, your welcome.
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