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May 15, 2008
W R E N by ~apathae Folder replacements? Their sure as hell replcaing my folders ;-)
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Folder Replacement (Intended for OSX)
©Scott Copeland / Apathae / get the idea


One of these days I'll be cool enough to be interviewed like the other cool artists; and on that day I may finally get the word out that...


...I don't have that much to say.


Update ~ 5/15/2008 - I added the 512 PNG resources so that should help out anyone wanting to use them with Linux, and get everyone running Windows one step closer to using them!

© 2008 - 2021 apathae
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just lurv your creations. so does my machine. kudos.
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
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nice icons and about candy bar it is now free for mountain lion you can download it at this link
Great design.

P.S. You're already "cool" if you can create such usable art...thank you for your time and energy.
yinyang-36's avatar
beautiful icons!!
mprada69's avatar
Very nice. Thank you.
CraazyT's avatar
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This is a really great icon set. any chance we will get to see an update ?
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ilnanny's avatar
amazing icons :D
subemotion's avatar
Thanks a lot, your work is awexum!
dafmat71's avatar
nice, but the problem is that the icons have only one layer, so it's always the same icon but in bigger or smaller size
Hakasuke's avatar
Good Work
Thank U
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These look awesome, thanks! (and I'm a big fan of Candybar as well :) )
jahblesss's avatar
como instalo esto [link]
Abschneider's avatar
nice set, thanks
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nice and stylish folder icons. great work.
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Excellent icons, thank
Retric's avatar
hmmm.... any way to replace all the folder icons at once on osx with these?
apathae's avatar
The icontainer file included is compatible with candybar.

Here's a link - [link]
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Yes, finally I understand! xP
Thanks so much life saver!!
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Can you make some live folder icons so that they can completely replace windows folder icons?
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