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Lacunae is a "spaces" replacement icon for leopard.

Leopard ready at 512x512 in .PNG format. Comes in gray, black, and wood with aqua, graphite, and aurora.
© 2007 - 2021 apathae
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Beautiful!!! THANK YOU!!!!
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Great job! I like it.
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So true, the default one is just not that nice
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Oh, I *love* it! Would it be too much to ask to make a matching set for Expose? *cringe*

Thank you! (:
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Very nice! What about one for Exposé? [hint, hint]
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you're right, the default one was rather putrid. Thanks!
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nowwe need an icn ofr exposeé :D
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Thanks, great replacement!
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Nice icon apathae ;)
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Great icon, however - it's png. How to create an icon for Leopard with 512 size?
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After getting a chance to play with it, it seems you can use PNG files as icons in Leopard, so if you apply it to the application icon it should work.
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Good question. :(

I'm still stuck in the land of Windows XP. So as far as making the giant icons for Leopard, I haven't the slightest clue. I figured just sticking with the PNG was the way to go to make everyone happy. If you figure it out, sweet, or if you want to lend me your Mac Pro, I'd be happy to try to figure it out for awhile. Yeah, it'll take awhile; YEARS perhaps.

Yeah.. it'd probably take me forever, but that's the price you pay for research. =p
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Great job your icon is so much better! :D
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hard to decide which one i like more! :D
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Very nice bro love both versions :D.
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I didn't think it could get any better, excellent :)
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