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The Flame Tears Cannot Extinguish 004



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[It's been 3000 years.jaypeg]

Finally I!! Can mention his name!!! Without calling him Croquette/Burrito/Protein Bar Man anymore!!

This all can easily be avoided if I just use his canon name but noppity nope. Everyone gets named like an actual person for once! (Tbh I actually know someone named Cyrus irl but it's not fair if everyone else get renamed and he doesn't lmao. Also symbolism.)

Anyway, this update is absolutely meant to replace the scene where we met him in Lake Verity at the beginning of Plat's game, but we skipped those, so... a brand new scene where I have the liberty to show him being super cool and for Fia to land on his moobs.

Yes, I channeled my whole thirst into this update (ngl he's roughly 70% of the reason why I wrote FT lmao).

I also totally don't know how to draw Honchkrow. If their tail looks like something undesirable, I apologize. 

  • Shoutout to my betas :iconraycchan: and :iconpiyostoria: for always being super awesome esp when I cry about colors.
  • Special thanks to :iconyellowmousedraws: and Obelisk for helping me with this update, and also :iconagvila: and :iconwinterspheonix: for always being there for me in every progress stream. I love y'all, sobs. :icontearplz:

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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re-reading flame tears to fuel my will to live bc it's just too good 😭😭

silas is so cool and dependable it would be such a shame,,, if him and fia had conflicting goals and ideas that will eventually cause them to clash.... haha jk..... unless? 😳

also me 😔🤝😔 you

making a whole nuzlocke comic powered solely by cyrus thirst