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Story of the Blanks - Final Revised Edition

Throughout Equestria, Relics of the past lay forgotten and alone. Never truly resting, awaiting recognition.


Short story written with permission of the owner of the newgrounds flash-game: Story of the Blanks.…

This is my complete, revised and retold copy of Story of the Blanks. I tried to expand more on the concepts behind Sunny Town and its doomed residents. Tried to breathe new life into the story and really give it my all.

The original draft of this story is still within my gallery if you'd like to see its original draft. Thanks to everyone who helped me through all the turmoil this story put me through. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Author: :iconaoshistark:
Editor: :iconscorch238:
Original Cover-Art by: :iconaqnichols:
Original Characters and Concept by: :icondonitz:
My Little Pony is copyright by Hasbro.

Gdoc version here:…


Now you can listen to a reading of this on :iconjackallen:'s YouTube channel! Check it out here:…
© 2011 - 2021 aoshistark
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Scribbler Productions did a reading on her channel, and I think I actually like her version better than Lupus Creepus'.

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that story is above the sickly good. by saying that i ment that its INSANELY good
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I'm glad Mitta got a happy ending, after what she lost and all she suffered.

She did it, she lifted her curse. By defending applebloom from the other zombie ponies, she atoned for her sin, for failing to
save ruby. Because of her selfless actions in defending applebloom, she freed herself from the curse and was finally able to see
ruby again.

Who knows, maybe one day the rest of the ponies will atone for what they did, maybe one day...

On a side note, the inclusion of Gloomy town was brilliant.
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Cue season 5 making this even creepier
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After reading both parts concerning Mitta, I agreed with what Applebloom was thinking, wishing she could have brought her and wished she didn't have to leave her to such a fate.
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i heard the story it is not scary but it is strange and sad at the ending i can not stop thinking about it. 
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Love the revised version.
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My....dear God. Having watched a playthrough of this game, I must say you did an excellent job of expanding upon this creepy little bit of horror. Excellent writing is always a pleasure, even when concerning something as macabre as this.
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Great job. Great job overall. I like how you expanded what you had, and made it into a true story. A thriller. I hope this is canon to the game, because it is too good not to be considered part of it. It fit very well, and it kept me entertained. Also, the happy ending nearly brought a tear to my eye. Bravo, bravo! Keep up the great work.
A Great Fanfic is a Great Fanfic. :)
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:iconclapplz: Splendid indeed! And very well written. I'm only halfway through but I'm sure the rest will be great too.
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Does anyone else notice that the epidemic with cutie marks mentioned in the story is the Cutie Pox?
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i love the story, but i hated the game. the minute it said try again? im like, oh god no! i'm getting the hell outta here!
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Loved the game this was inspired from, and I love this too. Very well done :clap:
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i read most of it and i must say it is extremly well written and storyline described even better than in the game!

i absolutly love what you did with the random visions appleboom has,you get the chance to see a ligit reason as to why there was bones in the fireplace of the old cabin,and how ruby got her cutie mark.

this is so detailed,very great work.
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I'm not a fan of the creepy/gory fanfic stuff, but I stumbled on the original SotB game today and went delving for more info. So glad I came across your story... It's super great (even with the zombies...I HATE ZOMBIES X_X)! There was just enough creep for me, and the relationship between Ruby and Mitta being restored was a nice conclusion! I'm also glad that the zombies didn't get Apple Bloom (even though they got me a couple times in the game lol)! Great job developing the plot and the characters, and I hope that there is an awesome sequel to the game that will subsequently inspire you to write another corresponding story!

...Now, I just hope I don't suffer from bad zombie dreams tonight... >.<
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I'm glad you took the time to read it, and I'm doubly glad it gave you a nice adventure! sorry to hear your AB didn't quite make it out in one go. Hehe.
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awesome! i say that alot, but to this i really mean it, i wish i knew why people like mlp? idk why i do... i just like how cute the ponies are and how gory the fan stuff is :P
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I cried at the end. Very nicely done :)
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Wow that was great one of the best things I ever read.
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this is scary as heck
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Ohhh, I just finished reading the original version, I'll read this one tonight. (:
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