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January 3, 2021
[ Unspeakable Yearning ] by AoshiNiKo
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[ Unspeakable Yearning ]


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"If love is knowable it is after all loneliness 
Despite it's outcome or it's cause
The bitterly waiting, the illusionary promise
Threw away so much of my youth ~
Love is this unspeakable yearning "
Mo Dao Zu Shi/ 魔道祖师 
Yiling Laozu by Allen 
Lan Wangji & edit by Sato 
Photo by Yotsuba no Clover

Costumes, wigs, mu are by us
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I watched Eternal Love and then watched it about 3 more times, deciding after that maybe I might love other Chinese productions at least as much. We then watched The Untamed and absolutely fell in love with it (myself and my husband - this is more his favourite).

We knew nothing of the comics or the anime, and without those we didn't know the two main characters were gay (not for sure anyhow) at all. It had all the tenderness and true love you'd expect from the [best of] straight romance stories, and well, we felt a little let down that there was no kiss... We really thought it would be a better story if they were gay.

I think we actually screamed at the TV for them to kiss.

We loved the series enough to go hunting and find out that actually: they ARE gay! Were meant to be. Are in the story, you just don't see it in the live-action TV series.

I think it was actually a really good experience since this is essentially the first gay couple we've 'shipped'. They're such wonderful people - each is someone we'd either one of us admire (so much better than the many real-world douches we seem to meet every day). It's a wonderful story for showing also how a relationship *should* work if it's healthy - whether that's friendship or romance (physical attraction is the one minor difference between the two).

So we really invested in them, and wanted them to be together the same way we'd be cheering for any other couple... which for us, because we tend to stick to sci-fi where there's less romance anyway (so what is there is usually straight if not also white) is a big deal because it's actually the first gay couple we've ever truly loved, plus they were actually the 'stars' of the show and not bit-parts or otherwise side characters.

You've done a fabulous job with the costumes here, although I might have switched you around in them lol! Lan Zhan always looked the more feminine to me at least in the Netflix series, but hey you're probably going off the original for this which I have yet to watch so forget I said anything!

In any case, it was absolutely instantly recognisable so you definitely nailed it. Good job!

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Beautifully done! :clap: !!! Congrats on your DD!!

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