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Star Wars:KotOR2 - Exile

I know, I know. I'm a nerd. A Star Wars nerd at that. Nerdnerdnerdnerdnerd.

Anyway, I've been playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 excessively for a while now, which explains the complete lack of updating that's going on here, and just the general state of neglect my dA page has fallen into. ...whoops. :O

Still...lightsabers. Lightsabers are worth it.

A few hours in Photoshop CS with a tablet.
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If you are a true KotOR and Revan fan you MUST watch and comment this guys art:…
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Silver lightsabers, those are hard to find but I always use them when I do find them.
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Nerding is okay, and I love what you did here! Old Republic is so wonderful, and you pulled everything together nicely. Especially the lightsabers--you did a fantastic job!
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How... on earth... did you figure out the lightsabers/armor I used in KotOR 2?! I mean it! Were you hiding somewhere, watching? ANSWER ME!

On a serious note, great pic.
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Yay, I love KotOR! Number two is sad though. :(
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Yay, I love KotOR! Number two is sad though. :(
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the lighting's especially good!
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she looks awesome....good choices of color for the sabers
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Never enjoyed a Star Wars game so much. The fact that she left the Jedi and came back, along with her Mandalorian origins, made the story feel so profound and compelling. Just the story behind her and at her front made this game so worth playing.

There was no dark side nor force, just lifelike hard decisions. Decisions one never got to see for their great consequences, just for what our allies thought. How can you call yourself Jedi, when you're letting someone die if not millions? How can you be a Jedi Master, but claim that Sith knowledge would bring any good?

Atris was for me the hardest boss. She thought she was doing something good, yet she learn the ways of the dark side. You didn't had fight her body to beat her, you also needed to defeat her mind and bring her to light.
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Yay for nerds!!! :squee:
Great job on this! :D
You say nerd as if its a *bad* thing? Don't be so daft! lol.

she's absolutely lovely, really well drawn.
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Oooh, this is nice. Very elegant looking ^^
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your artwork has been suggested for a feature by a member of #Realm-of-Fantasy

:blackrose: [link]

Keep up the excellent work!
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Very nice style!
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Oh, I love it!
I am completely obsessed with those games myself...
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Haha, you're not the only one with a KotOR obsession. :D Thanks!
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ah but young grasshopper.... you must know... there are more of us nerds then there are more of the normies.... we control the world.... we have the power... the time of the nerd is upon us.... WE SHALL RULE IT ALL!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *coughcoughcough quickly uses inhaler* damn it... over did it... *cough wheeze*
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That's flipp'in SWEET! :D
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Beautifully drawn!
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I love this game. Your style is very lucid here. I love the way the light plays upon her robe folds.

But why didn't you draw Kreia though? One of the strongest female characters in any videogame, ever! It's so refreshing to know that Obsidian wrote her as middle aged without falling into any of the 'old woman' stereotypes that videogame writing tends to. She's so cool I made a Mii of her. Yes, the geekery scale just broke when I said that.
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everyone uses that exile! it should be the default head lol
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lol It's true! But it's because that's the best one. :D
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