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RMR - Art Step-by-Step



I haven't uploaded anything in a while (because I'm rubbish and busy and rubbish) but I finished this skyscraper ad off yesterday and figured I could post up a basic wee step-by-step that some people might find useful - this is the exact same process I'm currently using for my comic pages.

Some rough steps:

1) The rough sketch. I use Photoshop CS3 for everything.

2) Drop some midtone grey and textures over the sketch.

3) Shoddy inking! The inks aren't too precise since I keep the sketch in there to save myself some effort.

4) Though I do paint over it a bit.

5) I flatten everything down into one layer, brighten it up a bit, set it to multiply, and then start painting a background in underneath.

6) Flat colours.

7) Shadows and some colour tweaking. I tinted the base colours green and the shadows blue.

8) Dropped a red gradient on a screen layer over the whole thing, and then cut some shadows out of it using a layer mask.

9) Painted the moon back in and did some detailing, mainly around her eyes.

10) Final colour adjustment, another texture on top, a little border and the logo text. Baaaam.

Questions? No? Good, I'm off to not post again for several months, whoooo.

(Psssst you can see my comic over here.)
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Thanks for showing! Your finished stuff has a really great look to it and I love your comic! I found it when my internet was shaped and I liked it so much I started to read it ridiculously slow loading page by ridiculously slow loading page. =D