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Cthulhu Sacrifice

By AOPaul
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Just wanted to do an interesting "Cthulhu" elder god illustration. However... this one is in the desert as opposed to near water. Possibly ancient Sumaria or Phoenicia.
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giant octopus...scary! Cthulhu an ancient god...TERRIFING!!!
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I am really enjoying how utterly alien he looks here. Not to mention delightfully textured.
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Thanks! My small human mind couldn't comprehend it's visage. I could only sketch the imprint it left on the back of my retina.
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Poor Cthulhuoid creature. That girl is gonna kick it in the nads.
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Fantastic work! Poor girl, she's not even equal to a grain of rice to him.
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When you haven't eaten for aeons, I guess you can't be picky. ;)
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Heh! Good one!
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You are most welcome. :)
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The sense of scale in this one is pretty excellent
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Awesome, I love it
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Really makes you feel the awesomeness of the great one... good work.
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I don't think he'll be full after it...
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Cthulhu-tastic! :-) Very good
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Ooooh yeah! Awesome.
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or...maybe it can be R'lyeh, but on the Island where those poor sailors unleashed him.

I like how you made it terrifying, but kept the perfect Cephalopod look! Nice one!
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This is very good! That girl is so screwed...
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