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Check my Patreon for special commission offers


:bulletyellow: Please contact with me by note :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: I accept  PayPal :bulletyellow:
my account is:

:points: I don't do point commissions, sorry :points:


  How I work:
1. I'm sending you an invoice to pay through Paypal
2. I'm drawing a sketch of your commission. It will look somehow like this:………
3. At this moment you can change anything in the drawing and tell me if I drew you OC correctly, do you like the colour theme etc.
4. I am creating a final artwork. When I finish the art for you, there is still a chance to add minor changes or fix some details that were not visible on the sketch. More invasive changes can be done but we'd need to talk about the price for it beforehand.

NOTE:  I am adding 5% of the final price to cover the PayPal fee.
NOTE: I like to submit some WIPs or sketches to my Instagram or Patreon. Sometimes I am doing a timelapse video on YouTube showing the process of painting. Let me know if you're not okay with that.

You'll get a hi-res image: around 4-5k px in 300 dpi saved as .png. I can send you the photoshop file too if you'd like to see it.


All prices are in USD, I am giving discounts for my best customers and for big orders.
The prices below are only for personal use.

:bulletyellow: Pencil drawing

08 - Farewell by AonikaArt Forunth by AonikaArt Callum and Delaney by AonikaArt Snow dragon by AonikaArt Chaos Edge - character concepts - UPDATED by AonikaArt Strawberry run by AonikaArt Red snow by AonikaArt

Portrait: $25
Half body: $35
Full body: $45

+ $20 for additional character
+ $20 for a simple colouring
+ $2 for shipment (if wanted)

:bulletyellow: Fully rendered portrait

Fernar by AonikaArt Miva portrait by AonikaArt Alastor and Arc by AonikaArt Emerald eyes by AonikaArt Tarun and Lhara by AonikaArt Portrait - Abigail by AonikaArt Elyzabyth Crowe by AonikaArt

First character $70
+ 50% for each additional character

:bulletyellow: Simple portrait

Patreon giftart - Anarion by AonikaArt Silha by AonikaArt Patreon giftart by AonikaArt
First character $25
+ 50% for each additional character

:bulletyellow: Simple  digital painting
Willow by AonikaArt Olympics Inspection - Balamutka by AonikaArt Glimpse of summer by AonikaArt Snowdrift Jumping Festival by AonikaArt FLC stables staff by AonikaArt ID 2012 by AonikaArt

:bulletyellow: half body: $40
:bulletyellow: full body: $50
+ 50% for each additional character

:bulletyellow: Detailed digital painting
Touched by Sun by AonikaArt Tyskha by AonikaArt Farrossian Breeding by AonikaArt
:bulletyellow: half body: $70
:bulletyellow: full body: $85

option to get simple bg: +$20/ +$25
+ 50% for each additional character

:bulletyellow: Fully rendered single character painting

Kometa by AonikaArt Stampede by AonikaArt Mayvara the sun dragoness by AonikaArt Mustang foal - final artwork by AonikaArt Commission - Booth by AonikaArt

BG: gradient or texture

:bulletyellow: half body: $100
+ $80 for each additional character

:bulletyellow: full body: $130
+ $100 for each additional character

+ $10/$20 for detailed outfit or wings

:bulletyellow: Illustration with medium background:
HARPG Olympics 2012 - main entry by AonikaArt Silver peafowl by AonikaArt Moon festival - Morgana by AonikaArt Wandering spirit by AonikaArt In the heart of the forest by AonikaArt

:bulletyellow: half body $140
+ $80 for each additional character
:bulletyellow: fullbody $180
+ $100 for each additional character

+ $10/$20 for detailed outfit or wings

:bulletyellow: Illustration with detailed background:
Shannah and Hisham by AonikaArt Ethereal beauty by AonikaArt Feathers in the wind by AonikaArt The dance by AonikaArt Mass Effect team by AonikaArt Pegasus nest by AonikaArt Sleeping beauty by AonikaArt

:bulletyellow: >$250
+ $100 for each additional character


If you have any question just ask via note

Before deciding check other commissions I painted->…

© 2012 - 2024 AonikaArt
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The link to your weebly page doesn't work. I take it you don't really do commissions anymore, is that right?