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Sheoneth in gold sun

Beautiful white dragoness Sheoneth, a character created by :iconadalfyre: :heart: I wanted to draw a fanart of Sheon for a long long time. I hope you'll like how she looks, Shar :love:

I know, I messed the design a bit, (okay, a LOT :lmao) especially the tail. I forgot that she has hairs here D:

Take a look at this beauty in her original form (yes, the tail here is not visible, that's why I did this mistake with scales instead of feathers. I used this as a ref)


It's painted with watercolors. I started to paint it with coffee but I made it not strong enough and it was hardly visible on the paper :lmao:

I'm going to do some ACEO in the future, so now I'm learning how to paint traditionally ^_^

art © Monika 'Aomori' Kodrzycka
Do NOT use my artwork without permission.
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MP550 series
© 2011 - 2021 AonikaArt
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teach me your ways plz 
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amazing art work!
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I like the ridges along her neck
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Urocze smoczysko i co za fryz. Bardzo przyjaźnie jej (?) z oczu patrzy. łuski i skrzydła jak dla mnie to bardzo fajne połączenie.
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Painting it with coffee? Awesome that sounds like something I've done a very long time ago in an art class. They had us paint with organic things such as juices and seeds and just anything. It was very fun. So do you like watercolors or do you find them difficult to paint with? For me watercolors are the hardest media for some reason. Or maybe I just don't love it because my teachers always made us mix colors. Mixing is hard. Anyways you did a great job on the pose and I like how simply it is colored. How do you figure out dragon anatomy anyway? I've always wondered on that.
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Painting with organic things seems nice :D I need to try with wine some day =] (it may give inspiration too :giggle:) I started to like watercolors, but only when I do not use too much colors. Here I only used shades of yellow and brown, so it was really simple to mix and blend them.

..about dragon anatomy It's still a riddle for me :) here I used my cats as a ref a bit. Somehow when I imagined very extended cat paws it was easier for me to draw :)
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She looks so beautiful! :heart: I love her expression and pose! You did an excellent job! :aww:
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świetne :) podobają mi się płytki na ogonie i sama poza, pełna elegancji ;)
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She looks great!!!
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So beautiful and elegant-looking. :love:
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gj! very cool!
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Great pose! She really draws me in :)
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So mesmerizing
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a very beautiful dragon !

great work !
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Masz rękę do smoków :nod: Prześlicznie Ci wyszła :love:
Jesteś mym akwarelowym mistrzem :worship:

Tak się zastanawiam, czemu sama nie stworzyłaś sobie 'smoczej' postaci ? :confused:
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ahś, nawet tak nie mów, ja jestem akwarelowym antytalenciem XD

CVo do Twojego pytania, to te 'moje' smocze postaci mam, ale na razie tylko w wyobraźni... :)
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Po tym obrazku, to chyba raczej 'supertalenciarzem' :lol:

Aaa, okś. To w takim razie czekam na nie ;)
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No właśnie, na co Ty czekasz? -.-
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poniekąd też czekam na ten ref sheet od Ciebie :) chciałabym zrobić postać wg niego =]
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