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Mayvara the sun dragoness


Let me introduce you my dear dragon OC, her name is Mayvara or Maya for short.

You may remember the WIP image of this artwork I submited it to the gallery some time ago - I am happy that at last I finished this :aww: It was 'in making' for a few months, while the design itself is like few years old... and at last she appear as fully finished creature. She has very shiny scales on her body with yellow/orange/dark purple markings and as title says she was meant to be inspired by the sun.

Full size as always available on my Patreon
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H7-24's avatar
Wow - a "lovely flower" - with scales.
Great job !
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Nice Job, she looks great. I like her horns
DraythixTransryu's avatar
Very nice! Sun dragons are my favorite dragon type, and you did a great job with the golden yellows on this one :D
SheraWolf7's avatar
HOW i just did my first no line (art with no lines and defined by shading) this is incredable. 
LeyaBlackAlpha's avatar
Perfect name, perfect looks, perfect colours. PERFECT 👏
AleksaSilverstar's avatar
Oooohhh I love this!!
AmadiHunt's avatar
beautifully done. 
Mairwynn's avatar
The detail and coloration are superb! Well done! c:
ChiroCala's avatar
She is so beautifull 'O'
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
:iconjawdrop: Stunningly gorgeous!
SerenityRoseArt's avatar
suzidragonlady's avatar
Oooh Dragon!!!! It looks awesome, I love how you did the scales and the muscles. :)
MahouShoujoIceStar's avatar
Is the wing also attached to the hip? Wouldn't that have an effect on it's movement?
AonikaArt's avatar
I think that because the wings is rather a flexible it should work well. See bats for example, they have skinny wings from their neck to their tail :)
Moonflower1214's avatar
ohhh love this!!!!
Dalgeor's avatar
Oh yes, I remember this WIP! That anatomy is just perfect *0* I really like how natural the golden tones on her scales look, she has such a lovely design :heart: Awesome artwork!
AonikaArt's avatar
Thank you! sure thing is that the anatomy is better than on the old wip :D
DDLQ102696's avatar
AWESOME DRAGON!!!! Love It!!! Heart Heart Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar Heart free avatar 
EternalStarTrail's avatar
This dragoness is beautiful! I love the color combination, and how the color looks on edges of the wings and horns/spines.
Talentha's avatar
Beautiful! How much would a commission in this style be? I absolutely love your dragon character and once I can afford it I might be commissioning you to do a few of my dragon characters as well! You make them so stunning!
AonikaArt's avatar
Thank you <3 This artwork would count as a fullbody illustration painting with no bg, one of the mos detailed I can offer, 150 usd. Though I always can work on a similar drawing witha little less detail and with lineart and that would cut the price to 100 usd. Let me know if you'd be interested when I'll reopen my commissions :)
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