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Male poses chart


* Please use it as an inspiration/reference for your drawings/painting or for learning purposes. Do not create bases and photomanipulations from it. Thank you *

You can use the arts done with my poses anywhere and do not need to credit me.


Ideas for poses and a little training of skills.
...It's easy to notice that I'm better with females XP

Use it as inspiration if you're looking for some. Just please do not trace from it. I also wouldn't like to see bases done with poses that are just copied/pasted onto new file.

I does not need a mature content I hope? :lmao:

more from the series:


I'm sure that here and there may appear some anatomy mistake, but remember that these are just sketches of several ideas I had in my head =3
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Hello, I’m doing art for someone and I couldn’t thank you enough for this. I am not the best at a sense of realism which makes me use a more cartoonish style, but taking inspiration from this will be a BIG help with my project. Thank you so much for this piece.
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I like this! I could never find the perfect pose for any of my characters. Good job on the art and poses.
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Im surprised this basic excercise in poses is near the top of whats hot, i mean its ok, but the poses arent really very dynamic and anyone who draws should have done this a million times already... i wonder why this is impressive for people? i guess it really shows the overall skill level of devart isnt even at foundation level...
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I know you don't require us to credit you, but I am using a couple of these poses for a mock up comic cover I'm currently working on. I can link this to my post when it's finished and comment here with a link of my post. 
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I can't stop laughing at that one dude with his hands in his skin as if it were his pant pocket XD
thanks for the amazing reference tho!
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thank you thank you thaaank you!))) it really helps!)
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All the figure chats are amazing they are proportionate and awesome. I can't draw humans to save my life. Thank you so so so much!
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this was so helpful i could never find a video of how to draw figures male or female this really helped
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This couldbe useful to me! I REALLY have trouble with drawing male figures, so thank you! This is GREAT USE to NOT JUST ME, but ALL of US!
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Hello! I used your second pose for Redesigning! this. Thank you so much for making this available for everyone!
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Used here, thank you!!
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Hi! So, I know this may sound like a stupid question. Thought what do you mean by tracing? I mean, I get tracing but I don't? It's hard to explain, I just want to make sure I don't do the with your art unknowingly or something. I use these for a lot of my traditional art but I never post them. -From Someone Who Sounds Like An Idiot
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Well this was left unanswered... Tracing is basically copying, either side-by-side or well..."tracing over" with tranparent paper. 
The issue with tracing starts when you copy something piece by piece and make small changes, but it still resembles greatly of the original art, then you post it as original. Most people dislike it. 

Me? I think that a load of BS, specially with these "poses" packs since everything that is here is your run-off-the-mill "casual standing" pose. I made things like this a bazillion times, so it would be impossible to
say wether I copied it or not. 

In my opinion, what you should do? Stop worrying about shit like copying and tracing and whatnot, do art, reference. Don't steal from one person, steal from many, give it a spin and you will create something new. 
Happy arting!
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Oh wow, that was actually an amazing reply! Thank you!
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aaaaaaaaaaaa thanksssssss to share <3
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These are absolutely beautiful! I am pretty sure you helped a ton of people with doing anatomy studies (including me!!)
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I might use that pose for reference!
Ofcourse you and this picture will be credited in the description :nod:

So I hope if its okai?
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Hi, I use your fantastic pose number 3 ->…
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